About Us

Victorian Frame Company specializes in oval picture frames, round picture frames and other hard-to-find picture frames. We also produce convex glass and carry a variety of other related framing products. 

Our Story

Victorian Frame Company was founded in the early 1970's under the name Sunlight Glass Company and was a local producer of stained glass. After several years, word began to spread about our abilities to create unusual glass projects, and we began receiving requests for convex glass to replace broken glass in antique picture frames. We purchased our first glass bending equipment in 1975 and have been bending convex glass ever since.

With convex glass came requests to reproduce antique picture frames, so a line of frames was developed. By the early 1990's we were producing a dozen frame styles in 30 sizes, as well as bending convex glass to fit the frames.

About this time the name was changed to Victorian Frame Company and a new web site was developed. As word spread about our services, people from all over the world began visiting our website to find frames that were not available anywhere else.

Over the next two decades we began offering a variety of additional specialty framing products such as Closed Corner Rectangle Frames, Shadowboxes, Jersey Boxes, Letter Boxes, Collector Plate Frames, Flag Cases, Acrylic Glass Domes, Fan Cases and many other hard-to-find specialty framing products. 

Today all our frames are made from wood and are hand finished to order, and will ship within 3-4 days of your order. We ship throughout the world with free shipping to the USA and Canada. 


Although we have over 40,000 combinations of shape, size, style and color available, sometimes there may be a frame you need that is not listed as a standard product. If you don't see what you are looking for on our site, chances are we can produce it as a custom frame or glass. Please call us for a quote - you'll be surprised at how reasonable these prices are. 


Phone number: 877-576-1888

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