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Valentine Photo Shoot Ideas to Capture the Love

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Framed pictures are some of the most beloved gifts you can give your friends and families for Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s for grandparents or siblings, these photo shoot ideas with your kids are sure to bring out the “oohs and aahs” from even the hardest to please gift receiver.

Create your backdrop anywhere. A strategically placed sticker can make for a gorgeous movable backdrop that can create a unique set of photos all around the city. Have some custom stickers made with speech bubbles of their favorite phrases, lipstick kiss marks or different sized hearts and play around with your child interacting with the stickers.

Bring in the props. Valentine’s props are easy to find. Everything from pink and red pom poms to balloons or fake mustaches on a stick can make even the most adorable smiles even wider for the camera. You can even use candy hearts or lollipops with secret messages to bring an extra special touch to the photo.

Pay homage to an era. For photos for the grandparents, find some vintage pieces from a consignment store or even their own closets, and play dress up with the kids. Make everything the style of the grandparent’s youth from hair to jewelry or suspenders and bowties. They’ll love getting nostalgic while treasuring the photos of the kids.

Set up a kissing booth. With just a painted crate and a few painted pieces of plywood, you can create a makeshift kissing booth that can be used for years to come. If you don’t want to keep the kissing booth for next year’s props, save it for the summer for an amazing and functional lemonade stand for neighborhood fun.

Let the kids draw the messages with chalk. Use an aerial shot to capture a beautiful chalkboard artwork in the making. Take pictures of the whole process from the choosing of the colors to the backward letters and stick figures that make up the message of love. Encourage them to write and draw how they feel about the recipient so the message remains authentic.

Make the frame stand out with a black and white photo. Black and white is stylish and classic and paired with the right antique picture frame, they can go with any decor. Decorate the frame and leave the photo simple for a classic gift.

After capturing your photos, don’t send them in an e-card or keep them on a digital file. These moments are meant to last forever, so be sure to print the photos and give them gifted in a beautiful gold picture frame or an ornate vintage picture frame you’ve chosen just for them. 

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