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Fall Photography Shots to Try

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The first leaves are just starting to fall from the trees, and the temperatures may be still sweltering, but soon the crisp cool air will be flowing into your town. For photographers, this time of year is one of the most beautiful to capture on film.

If you are looking for some fresh ideas of how to make your fall pictures frame worthy this season, see below for some great tips.

Show off those new boots. Nothing says fall style like a pair of fresh new boots just waiting to crunch through the leaves. For a popular but favorable shot, take a few photos of that fabulous footwear surrounded by the gorgeous colors of the red, yellow and oranges leaves. To make the picture even better, pair them with some colorful tights or leg warmers.

Play in the pumpkin patch. It may seem cliche, but pumpkins make for amazing props in any fall photography. Whether scattered in a field or bunched up in a large group, these gorgeous gourds go well with any other fall colors. If you want to add some contrast, place some bright pinks or unexpected blue flowers in with the oranges and yellows.

Capture a coffee. Coffee shops are already quaint places with a diverse set of people all year long, but in the fall, the lattes are what becomes the center of attention. Baristas everywhere love to show off their design skills with top foam and can create everything from hearts to intricate leaves. Make sure to dine in to get a real mug and saucer, and snap away before you take your first sip.

Spin a tale with spiderwebs. If you especially want something on the more spooky side, spiderwebs make for stunning subjects. They are as unique as they are impressive, with each one different from the next. This is also a great way to play with light and focus features. Even an amateur can capture some beautiful shots with as little as a phone camera.

Reflect at a beautiful lake. If you are lucky enough to live by a still body of water, go early in the morning where the sun is just rising, and nature is at its quietest. Reflection shots are always stunning, and in the fall the colors add a touch that is indescribable. After taking your shots, sit by the water and watch as leaves falling create ripples while you inspect your new gorgeous photos.

Finally, after capturing your favorite fall shots, make a gorgeous gallery wall by printing out the best of the best. Choose some coordinating colors like all gold picture frames or all vintage frames. If you want to mix and match pictures, go with a variety of round frames and rectangular. Whatever you choose, be sure to keep your photos safe from the test of time by making physical copies. 

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