A How To Guide: Framing Sports Jerseys

Instead of tucking signed jerseys into closets, sports fan want to showcase their collectible memorabilia. Jerseys can be preserved and displayed in a custom jersey shadow box case. These cases can be customized to reflect a variety of options.

This step-by-step guide is perfect for do-it-yourself jersey framing.

  1. Measure - Measure the jersey and allow approximately one-inch of additional space between the jersey and the frame. It's important to determine the layout of the jersey. How the jersey should be folded is an important aspect when considering the size and shape of a custom shadow box. Should the sleeves be visible? Are patches easy to identify? Is the autograph highlighted? Once a distinct layout and folding pattern is decided upon, the jersey should be carefully ironed to preserve crease marks. Always check material care and recommendations prior to ironing a jersey.
  2. Frame - Purchase a jersey shadow box frame from Victorian Frame Company. They offer adult jersey and youth jersey sizes. Opt for acid-free archival backing when placing jerseys in shadow boxes. Select a shadow box  at doesn't have visible joints or seams, as this is a sign of high-quality workmanship. If the frame is going to be displayed in a highlight area, select protective UV glass to minimize damaging light exposure.
  3. Mat Board - Jerseys should be mounted so they avoid contact with staples, adhesives, pins or tape. Jerseys can be fitted around a thin foam core or a cardboard acid-free mat board, which also helps to preserve the shape of the garment. The foam core is then attached directly to the frame backing. The jersey is then neatly stitched with a needle and thread. Generally, the areas that are stitched include just below the neckline, the beginning of each sleeve and the very bottom of the hemline. The thread should go through the jersey so it is not visible. Finally, secure the thread with knots and gently tape the ends to the back of the frame's mat.
  4. Arrange - Center the jersey within the shadow box.
  5. Glass - Make sure the glass is properly positioned.
  6. Secure - The backing board and glass should fit together tightly, preventing the jersey from moving or slipping.
  7. Placement - Place the jersey directly in the frame and hang on the wall with nails or hooks.

Victorian Frame Company's jersey cases are ideal for baseball, hockey, basketball and football jerseys. They also offer a special rectangular-size jersey case that will fit any style of sporting jersey. Their jersey boxes feature a standard depth of 1.5 inches and include black backing and standard acrylite FF; however, UV upgrades are available.

Victorian Frame Company also specializes in other home decor, including oval mirrors, contemporary mirrors and wall mirrors.

19th Jan 2014

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