A Last-Minute Gift Guide for Any Occasion

There’s always at least one person who seems impossible to shop for each year during the holidays. On top of that, other occasions can also fall during this festive time of year, like birthdays or even weddings.

So what do you get the person who you can never figure out? Fortunately, several gifts are easy to pick up or even create yourself that are sure to please just about anyone. See below for a last-minute gift guide that will make you the toast of the holiday parties.

For the sports nut, try a jersey display case. If there’s not a single piece of merchandise left that this fanatic hasn’t already gotten, why not give them a place to display it all proudly? A jersey display case can be purchased at many specialty frame stores and makes for a beautiful addition to a game room or a bedroom. The case will not only help to organize their prized collection but also keep everything in mint condition for later generations.

For the grandparents, a beautiful photo collage frame. Nothing pleases grandparents more than being able to show off their lovely family. If you got family photos taken this year, choose a few of your favorite shots to place in a gold or silver collage picture frame. Make sure to add a variety of shots, such as a family one in the center, with individual shots of the kids or the parents all around. If you want to make it even more special, be sure to include a few photos of the grandkids with the grandparents on special occasions.

Etched stemware for the new couple. If you have a recent addition to your family in the form of an in-law, try etching a monogram on a set of glasses as a classy and useful gift. Etching cream and stencils can be found at most hardware stores, and the process is as easy as applying the stencil, followed by the cream and rinsing after about 15 minutes. This personalized gift is a crowd pleaser, and so simple to achieve.

A monogrammed door hanger. Using an old oval frame that you have in your home, decorate it with paint, craft tape or ribbon. You can also make the door hanger more like a wreath with natural elements like seasonal flowers or plants. After decorating your frame, hang a wooden monogram letter that you can find at any craft store for the name of the receiver of your gift. If you want to have it hang year-round, use season-neutral colors and plants.

Special ornaments in domed glass displays. Ornaments look lovely decorating the tree, but some are too beautiful to sit in a box for the rest of the year. A domed glass display case is a small and elegant way to display a three-dimensional object year-round. These cases come in a variety of sizes and can be found at most frame stores. Choose a meaningful ornament to give, and show them you know they will want to keep it out for the rest of the year. 

31st Dec 2017 Eric Morgan

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