A Quick Guide To Holiday Picture Frame Gifts

With the holidays just around the corner and the biggest shopping day of the year even closer, it’s time to start thinking about the special people in your life and how you can show your appreciation for them with the perfect gift. 

Picture frames have long been the perfect gift for all, but not all are created equal. If you are looking for the perfect picture frame to pair with the perfect photograph for your loved ones, see below for a quick guide.

For the enthusiast: Ticket stubs in a clean, modern frame. If you have a sports nut or a music lover in the family, chances are they have some ticket stubs from well-remembered events that they have been holding on to for some time. If you can get a hold of these treasures, pair them with a clean matte backing in a gorgeous black circle frame or rectangular gold picture frame for the ultimate surprise that will show them that you know what they find important.

For the romantic: A beautiful photo collage in an ornate antique frame. Romantics love to gaze upon memories of their favorite people and mementos, so there’s no better gift than a collage of these moments. You can focus on your relationship with them, or feature them with their spouses and family. Pair it with an ornate vintage gold picture frame that looks elegant and adds to the romance of the gift.

For the book lover: Book cover prints in beautiful wooden or silver frames. For the avid reader, turn their favorite titles into their favorite pieces of art by having high-quality prints made and framed of their favorite book covers. Classic titles with hand-drawn or painted covers make for the most interesting pieces and pair them with something simple that won’t take away from the art inside, such as a simple silver picture frame or a wooden circle frame.

For the grandparents: Vintage photos in convex glass or “bubble” glass. If you really want to touch your grandparent’s hearts, try having some older photographs professionally restored and framed with a convex glass frame. This style was once very popular and is the perfect nostalgic gift for those that grew up in a different time.

For the collector: A Shadowbox of their most treasured items. Whether it’s nick-nacks from each state or a sea shell from each beach trip, collectors love to gather small trinkets from wherever they go. Since these items are more than likely three-dimensional, it would be hard to frame them in a traditional picture frame. Shadowboxes are made for this very purpose, with a wide space between the frame and the glass for your small treasures. Group them in one theme, and include a matte background with some information about where they are from on a card or a title piece. This will help to preserve them for a long time and be a useful way for your collector to display their best finds.

10th Nov 2018 Eric Morgan

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