Antique Picture Frames and Modern Frames with Mirrors

Picture frames and mirrors are great home decorative elements. These can be highly functional yet visually appealing wall decorations that can do a lot to bring out the kind of look you want for the room. Picture frames and mirrors can be statement pieces that serve to anchor the room so that an overarching theme becomes apparent. Aside from this, these two items can also brighten the room and add to the visual effect of a painted wall.

With the versatility and functionality mirrors and picture frames offer, one thing you can do is to combine picture frames with mirrors. You can use antique picture frames or other picture frame styles to set the tone and complement your overall room décor. The mirror-frames can grace the top of the fireplace mantle, the foyer or the wall space above the living room sofa. The mirror-frames can provide a statement about the kind of look you are going for and this can be perfectly complemented by a well-chosen picture frame.

Here are some combinations of mirrors and picture frames:

  • Old-world antique. This can be a classic, traditional style that exudes elegance and a certain timelessness. You can choose white picture frames to go with your mirror. These may take on intricate woodwork or beading designs. You can also frame your mirror using a gold picture frame with the same elaborate ornamentations that evoke the style of King Louis XIV. A word of caution when using gold, it can be a tad too showy if you use too much gold accents in a room. The gold mirror frame can be your statement piece for the room.
  • Vintage chic. Cozy and comfortable – this is what this style is all about. Use a white vintage picture frame which you can distress so that it looks appealingly shabby and worn out. This makes a great accent for comfy chintz furniture or traditional furniture that have been sanded, distressed and painted with pastel or bright colors.
  • Country style. Choose wood finished picture frames. These can be in dark browns (such as mahogany or cherry) or lighter ones (such as oak or birch). Country style is marked by a predominant use of wood. White-colored frames can also work. The mirror/picture frame with wood molding can serve to tie in the country/rustic look.
  • Contemporary style. If you have sleek, contemporary furniture and interior decorations, add a mirror in metallic hues such as silver or gold spray. You can also go with a black frame with clean, simple lines. A mirror can be a very modern design element, with its metallic appearance and you can make it more modern with the right choice of picture frame.
  • Themed/eclectic style. If your interior decorating style is of the free-wheeling, eclectic kind, you can add a themed statement mirror that shows your passion. You can use (or even mix and match) mirror frames that have Oriental details (with Japanese or Chinese calligraphy), frames made with bamboo, shells or coconut husks or Mexican tiles. You can do a mirror collage of all these types of mirrors. Or you can combine the various styles (traditional, contemporary, rustic) with a variety of mirror-frame shapes.
  • Functional mirror frames. If you would like the no-fuss, functional style (particularly in bathrooms), you can get a picture frame with a simple design and use it to frame the mirrors. 
9th Oct 2014 Eric Morgan

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