Beautify Your Workspace with these Accessories

With the rise in individuals who work from home or who like bringing some work with them, home offices need to be a stylish but functional space. Indeed, who says your home office needs to be a boring? Create a space that expresses your personality and that keeps your creative juices flowing. This does not mean that you need to have a full room as your home office. It will be good if you can get it, but with limited home space, you can ingeniously incorporate a working desk nook.

Personalize your space. Add touches that mark the space as yours - on your office table or on the walls, add favorite prints, quotes, a photo of yourself or your family. Of course, use picture frames that reflect your personality. If you would like your workspace to have a modern look and feel, use plain white, black or bright silver picture frames with simple lines. If you want something more classic, go for some vintage picture frames. Add to the sense of fun by choosing some quirky knick-knacks that also reflect your personality – a bright-colored monogram, some kitschy figurines

Make the most use of natural light. The sunlight can light up your space and infuse it with positive energy. Avoid using heavy curtains that prevent the light from coming in. Instead, use filmy white drapes that give a bit of coverage without obstructing the natural light. You can either position your table so that your back is turned to the window or you can place your table so that you are facing the window.

Add a mirror. If a window is not available for your office nook, make do with a framed round mirror hung on the wall or a beveled rectangular mirror on the office table and leaned against the wall. Mirrors have a brightening effect on the space and also make the space feel bigger. The mirror also enables your workspace to do double duty as a vanity table.

Have a productivity board. An empty oversized vintage picture frame can actually be a versatile solution. You can turn it into a chalkboard by painting the backing board with some chalkboard paint. You can add a thin sheet of cork, for a place where you can post notes with a pushpin. You can also keep the glazing and convert it into a dry-erase board. This board can hold your to-do lists, samples and personal goals.

Say it with flowers. Or plants. And try to go for natural. Greenery has been shown to be effective stress-reducers and can also work to increase your productivity. Indoor plants such as cactuses are low maintenance plants that breathe life into your office space. You can also have fresh cut flowers in a vase, which makes it a perfect opportunity for you to work on your flower garden. The key is to select a place where the vase (which contains water) is at a safe distance from your activity and has a minimum danger of spilling on your computer or important documents.

A place for everything and everything in its place. Organize your pens and other office supplies with matching or complementing desk organizers and penholders. Remember, an organized space is a more productive ground for your ideas to flourish and it can be rather time-consuming to have to search for a missing pen or a flash drive.

Complete the sensory experience. For a holistic approach, complete your office ensemble with sounds and scents. There are a lot of speakers that can deliver high sound quality and also be quite decorative. For scents, add some decorative candles or scent diffusers. A word of caution, though. Make sure that any flames are far away from papers and other flammable materials.

12th Jan 2017 Eric Morgan

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