Buying Picture Frames Online: Mistakes to Avoid

The Victorian Frame Company offers a hassle-free and affordable option to those who want to decorate their homes and offices with quality picture frames and related products. These picture frames and display cases can display treasured photos, diplomas and other documents, as well as family heirlooms.

However, many may be wary about buying a picture frame online, since they are hesitant about choosing the wrong frame or are not familiar with how the online purchase of frames work. What if you choose the wrong color? What about shipping issues? How can you be sure that you get the right-sized picture frame?

Knowing the most common mistakes made during an online purchase of a picture frame will do a lot to bolster one’s confidence. Here are some purchasing mistakes you should avoid:

  • Failing to order color samples. The easiest options will be to use a white or black picture frame with beige matting. However, you may also want to try getting a colored frame. Not confident about your color choice and how well it will work with your photograph or artwork? Feel free to request color samples. The Victorian Frame Company provides up to 3 color samples for free so that you can get a feel of how the framed image will look.
  • Choosing the wrong style of frame. Before you go to the website, you need to decide on the overall look you want. Some factors to consider include the mood and style of the picture, taste considerations (whether you want something unique and eye-catching) and how the framed image will complement the wall where it will be hung. You should also decide whether you want a rectangular, round or oval picture frame.
  • Getting the wrong-sized frame. Nothing can be as frustrating as getting a frame that is too small or too big for your photo. To help you get the right size, here are some things to remember:
  • oMeasure the size of the artwork or photograph, not the paper. The paper size (where the picture is printed on) may be different from the actual size of the image.
    • Consider how matting will affect the overall size of the frame. Matting should serve to highlight the frame and thus should not be too wide or too narrow. As a rule of thumb, the matting should be twice the width of the frame. Thus, add these dimensions (height and width) to the size of the frame.
    • Measure based on the inner dimension of the frame, not the outside dimension. The inner dimension refers to the opening provided by the picture frame. This is the area that displays the picture.
    • Don’t forget the rabbet depth. This is the space that holds not just the picture or artwork, but also the glazing, matting, mounting board and backing board. You should check that you have enough rabbet depth to hold all the items you will be placing inside the frame.
  • Going all-out with the archival materials. Opting for a higher grade of conservation for the matting, backing board and so on will also increase the price. You need to balance the actual need for conservation with the cost of your options. If your photo is an irreplaceable one, then, by all means, invest in materials with a high conservation grade. However, if the items you will be framing are primarily digitally printed photographs (where you hold the digital files), a high conservation grade may not be necessary. Also, if you will be hanging the frame in an area where there is very little exposure to the sun, you do not need to get UV-protective glazing.
  • Not considering the overall weight of the frame. Remember, the overall weight of the frame will be affected by the size of the frame, the thickness of the moldings and the number of layers you will be adding (i.e. matting). Be sure to get hanging materials that will accommodate the overall weight of the frame.
  • Forgetting the money-back guarantee. Now, if there are problems with the purchase, you can contact the Victorian Frame Company and ask about their money-back guarantee. This provides a full refund for purchases you are not happy with, as long as you make the return within 30 days.
  • Not asking questions. Feel free to contact the people at the Victorian Frame Company if you have any questions or doubts. Also, there is an FAQ section, which may already hold the answer to your question. 
3rd Dec 2015 Eric Morgan

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