Celebrate Father’s Day with Picture Frames

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Celebrate this special day with the most special man in your life – your dad! Picture frames make picture perfect and very personalized gifts for dad, gifts that fathers will cherish.

Here are some picture frame gift ideas for Father’s Day:

  • Classic personal portrait. You can send him traveling several years back to time by giving him an antique picture frame with his portrait in it. Print out a sepia-toned portrait of your father and place it in a classic oval picture frame. You can complete the antique look by using convex glass instead of flat glass.
  • Silver family portrait. This is also another classic and classy favorite – a portrait of the whole family. Whether the portrait is formally posed or is a candid shot, it will remind dad of his treasures – his family. For sterling silver frames, you can have a short message engraved at the bottom edge.
  • Window frames. Instead of one big portrait, you can also give separate pictures of each child by using a large picture frame and a matting board with cut-out windows. This is an excellent keepsake, especially if it is placed in a high-quality silver picture frame. If there is extra space, you can use it to add an inspiring message or quote.
  • Shadow box frame. Store precious mementos that you and your father treasure. This can revolve around the time you have together. Commemorate your fishing trips with that unforgettable photo of you and your father holding the biggest fish you caught, along with your favorite fly and tackle or some of the pebbles you usually pick during your “skipping stone contest. Remember your first lessons on baseball with a photo of you and your dad during your lessons, along with your very first catcher’s mitt and bat. This shows your dad how you value the time you spent with him, especially while you are growing up.
  • Jersey display case. For dads who are sports fanatics, a piece of sports-related memorabilia will be a great gift. You can also frame his very own jersey, which he wore during his glory days in college or high school. There are specially designed display cases just for jerseys of various kinds of sports – baseball, basketball or hockey. This preserves the jersey and minimizes the damage it can sustain over time.
  • Scrapbook frame. Get your scissors, colored paper, pens and your creative cap on. You can create a scrapbook page that contains some pictures, quotes or personal messages. This can cover a specific theme such as holidays with dad, dad at play or other interesting vignettes in your family life. You can get a frame that houses a 12”x12” page and you can change this page from time to time. Be sure to use archival scrapbook materials. This does not contain acids that can cause damage to the photos over time. Another way to make a scrapbook frame is through an image editing program such as Photoshop, where you can digitally paste pictures and add captions. Then, you can print it out and place it in the frame.
14th May 2015 Eric Morgan

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