Celebrate Valentines with Frames

Are you in the mood for romance? Or expressions of love? These expressions of affection and love do not just involve a significant other. You may want to express how you feel for a loved one or friend. Some express this with flowers and chocolates. Others use statement t-shirts. Why not use something that will last longer, captures treasured memories and provides you with a way to display this every day. Express it with picture frames!

The Victorian Frame Company has a lot of frame products that you can choose from that you can use for a Valentines’ Day theme. Here are some of them:

  • Heart-shaped picture frames. What is Valentines’ Day without hearts? These hearts do not have to be rose-red. The Victorian Frame Company has a number of heart-shaped frames that come in a variety of colors, shades and finishes of white, silver, black, brown and much more. When framing a picture in a heart-shaped frame, you can cut the picture to follow the shape of the frame or get a big frame and use some matting (which also follows the shape of the frame) to draw the eye to the picture. You can hang the picture frame on its own or group a number of heart-shaped picture frames to form a certain shape. When you desire to display a number of frames, you need to carefully plan the placement of the photos within the frame, as well as how the frames will be placed on the wall.
  • Scrapbook frame. Write a short version of your love story or feature someone you love by using not just one photo but three or four photos that tell a cohesive message. These can be photos of your wedding, your first date or the day he proposed on one knee and you joyfully said “yes!”. These can be photos that feature your child and showcase his personality. These photos can be artfully laid out and can make use of scrapbooking materials such as matting, patterned papers, stickers, buttons and other decorative elements.
  • Custom display cases. Display your bridal bouquets, wedding mementos and other sentimental souvenirs with custom display cases. For narrow 3-dimensional items, you can use a shadow box frame. For items that require more depth, an acrylic dome is ideal because it can go as deep as 7 inches. These also come in standard round and oval frames or cathedral and heart shapes.
  • Jersey display cases. Is your significant other a sports lover? Show your support by giving his jersey collection its time to shine. These jersey display cases are specialized frames that are designed specifically for different sports – basketball, baseball, hockey and other sports.
  • Vintage picture frame with convex glass. Do you have a portrait of yourself as a couple? Give this portrait a vintage treatment to send the message that your love is a love that transcends time. Fit this frame with a convex glass to complete the effect.
  • Personalized silver picture frames. For a classic and elegant statement, give your loved one a silver picture frame that has his or her name emblazoned on it. This is usually made of metal with a double layer of paint. This allows the etched letters to be clearly visible.
9th Feb 2015 Eric Morgan

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