Celebrate Weddings with Silver Picture Frames

They say that in a marriage, you only say your vow once – on your wedding day. Vows are meant to be revisited, during good times and bad times. This can strengthen your relationship as you are reminded of why you decided to come together as a couple.

Here are some ways you can use silver picture frames to provide you with visual reminders of your wedding day and all that it meant and means to you:

  • Engraved picture frames. Pewter or sterling silver picture frames are a classic and elegant way to showcase favorite wedding photos. You can have your names and wedding date engraved onto one side of the frame. To achieve a fabulously engraved frame, you need to have a frame that has a smooth and flat surface. This surface should also be thick enough so that you have a consistent look when the surface is engraved. Otherwise, you will get a not-so-attractive two-toned look where the silver is mixed with another metal.
  • Wedding monogram wreath. Take a round picture frame with a silver finish and antique molding. Remove the glazing and the backing – you just need the frame. Decorate one section of the frame with flowers – this can be white or silver flowers, or flowers that are in the color of your wedding motif. Then, place a painted monogram at the center.
  • Dual window silver frame. Why not place your vows in print so that you can be reminded of exactly what you said. A dual window frame works best – one opening can feature your wedding photo while the other window can display a printout of both your vows. You can also insert a wedding prayer at the second window.
  • Tabletop picture frame vase holder. Get four small and rectangular-shaped silver picture frames. Glue the sides together so that you formed a square-shaped figure with an opening at the center. You can place four of your favorite photos in the frames while the opening can serve as space for a floral arrangement. This can serve as coffee table or dining table décor. You can rotate the frames to feature each of the photos you placed inside the frames.
  • Vintage wedding portrait. Go classic and vintage by taking a black and white or sepia-toned wedding photograph and placing it inside an oval picture frame. Use convex glass to achieve a completely antique look.
  • Mosaic display. Why limit yourself to one or two photos? Create a layout using a number of your favorite wedding shots to create a gorgeous mosaic that shows one big picture. This reminds you of the people and the many details that made up the wedding and made it the beautiful and memorable occasion that it was. Keep the display classy with the use of an oversized picture frame that features ornate wood molding and a silver leaf finish.
  • Shadow box frame display of wedding mementos. A shadow box frame with a soft silver finish creates a fabulous home for some of your wedding keepsakes that you would like to highlight in your living room wall. You can add items such as your wedding hairpiece, shoes, invitations and favors. 
10th Oct 2016 Eric Morgan

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