Celebrating Mom With Unique Gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and there’s only so many homemade coupons to clean out the garage that can be useful. Do a little forward thinking this Mother’s Day by shopping early and getting her something she will truly treasure.

A special gift doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and something that is handmade combined with a thoughtful package can be just as good as all of the diamonds in the world to her. If you are looking for ideas on how to celebrate the woman in your life that cut your grapes and kissed skinned knees, then see below for some great ideas.

Handmade silhouette profiles of the kids. This a beautiful craft that can easily be made, even by small children. Simply take a photo of your kid’s profiles against a bright colored wall, and trace the silhouette onto black paper. Then cut the shape out with as much precision as possible, and mat against a cream background for a Victorian look. Add your favorite oval picture frame, and this gift will look amazing on the stairwell or dining room wall.

Give her a locket to keep close to her heart. Lockets have long been a symbol of love, and Moms desire to keep their loves close to them at all times. If a locket is not really her style of jewelry, there are several more keepsake options available to represent the children such as birthstone necklaces, or small charms engraved with their initials. Add one for each of the children, and a special one just for her.

Give the gift of memories. Plan a special outing just for her and the family, or even a small vacation getaway where she can sit back, relax and enjoy herself without having to care for everyone else. Take lots of pictures while you can, as she is probably usually the one behind the camera. Capture those candid moments that she doesn’t think you’ve noticed, and make a gorgeous collage frame within a gold or silver picture frame as a gift much later for no occasion at all.

GIve her fresh flowers every day for the whole week. Flowers may seem cliche, but the surprise element here that makes this idea really lovely is to give them to her each day of the week during the week of Mother’s Day. Remind her that you don’t just appreciate her one day out of the year, but treasure all she does for you every day. Switch up the amount and varieties, and at the end, choose a large vase to display all of them as one large beautiful bouquet.

Give her the gift of time. Nothing means more to a mother than time with her loved ones. Taking the time out of a busy schedule to treat her to a meal, or take her to her favorite concert or park to spend an afternoon is better than any gift she will receive all year. 

8th May 2018 Eric Morgan

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