Celebrating Silver With Silver Picture Frames

Is a loved one celebrating a silver wedding anniversary anytime soon? A silver wedding anniversary would be a very important milestone in one’s life. As one’s hair starts to turn silver, memories may become golden. If you are looking for the ideal gift for a couple who are celebrating their silver wedding anniversary, look no further.

Silver picture frames are great gift ideas for a couple who has marked 25 years of married life. You can get two identical frames – one for the wedding day portrait and one for the portrait of the couple taken during their wedding anniversary celebration. You can also take a large silver picture frame to make a scrapbook frame that presents the highlights of their 25 years of marriage. Another idea would be to use shadow box frames or display cases to mount 3-dimensional mementos of the loving couple.

The Victorian Frame Company offers a wide variety of silver picture frames that you can choose from. These frames are usually vintage picture frames with various silver finishes – bright silver, champagne silver, burnished silver, black silver, silver shade and silver spray. Silver leaf is an updated and modernized version of the gold leaf technique of old. The frame is hand finished with the use of metallic silver leaf. Another layer of tint (brown or black antique) is applied over the silver leaf to give the frame an “aged” appearance.

Here are some silver picture frames you can choose from our website:

  • Venice oval picture frame in silver leaf with brown antique. Why not display silver anniversary photos in an antique frame replica, complete with convex glass? The classic outer edge ruffles and elaborate wood carvings of this picture frame reminds one of late 19th century period frames. The smooth inner edges provide enough distance between the elaborate carvings and the photos so that they do not compete with each. This picture frame comes with silver leaf with brown antique finish. In all, the width of the frame is a little below 3 inches.
  • Boulevard oval picture frame in burnished silver. This is a picture frame with a contemporary design. The outer edge features smooth curves, while the rest of the frame edging is about simple, flat surfaces. The 4-inch molding is perfect for sepia or black and white portraits. The burnished silver gives a dull sheen that provides a great counterpoint for such photographs.
  • Heritage rectangle picture frame in silver leaf with black antique. This frame design features a thin layer of pearl beading on the inside edge, which is followed by a series of smooth curves. In all, the total width of the frame is 2 ¾ inches. This design can work for both contemporary or antique design themes. The silver leaf with antique black darkens the interior edge to add to the visual appeal of the picture frame.
  • Winchester rectangle frame in silver shade. This classy picture frame features a gorgeous fleur de lis design at the top and bottom of the frame, complete with curlicues and carved ornamentation. The frame starts with a flat lip at the interior, followed by the fleur de lis ornamentation and then by a series of curves. This provides a total of 2 ¾ inches of width. This rectangle frame can be ordered for photos or scrapbook pages with up to 30”x40” dimensions.
  • Florence round frame in black silver. This round frame has curlicue and leaf ornamentations on the top and bottom of the frames. The frame starts with a flat lip, raised curlicue ornaments and then a flat outer edge that is curved at the ends. The black silver finish and the classic design also make this ideal for mirrors.
  • Monticello oval frame in silver shade. This picture frame features lovely beading at the inner and outer edges, with a flat area in between, with a total weight of 1 and 7/8 inches. The narrow frame is finished with a silver base coat, upon which a warm brown is softly misted over it. This results in a two-toned look that works well for both classic and contemporary design themes.
  • Manhattan round frame in bright silver. Commemorate bright silver memories with this simple but very elegant frame. Several layers of silver paint were used to achieve the glossy finish. The overall width of the frame is just below one inch.
29th Jun 2015 Eric Morgan

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