Coastal Décor for Any Home

With the longer days and temperatures heating up (and already pretty warm in some parts of the country), summer is officially upon us all. Hotter weather and the anticipation of another school year coming to an end will bring vacations and relaxation. Though everyone has their own idea about what makes for a relaxing vacation, time spent at a warm, tropical beach on the coast is a given for some. If the beach is “your happy place,” why not bring some of the flavors of the coast into your home by using subtle, yet fun beach décor, so you can enjoy the relaxing vibes of the beach yearlong.

Though you may not want to go overboard at your everyday home with the beach theme, here are a few fun ideas for you to consider the next time you want to bring a little taste of the tropics inside.

Using Blues. There are many different shades of blues when it comes to paint colors and decorative items, but favored amongst coastal décor are the lighter hues (sea foam, turquoise, etc.), simulating colors of the ocean, sky and sea glass. To really set the mood of your room, choose one of these coastal shades to paint on your walls, OR, if you are looking for a subtler nod to the coast, you may want to just incorporate some of these colors within your room by using accent pillows, pictures and other decorative elements in these shades.

Natural Elements. Sand, water, the wind and fresh air. A big part of making your space look and feel beachier is bringing a little of nature indoors. You can achieve this through the use of wicker baskets and natural colors. These elements will also pair nicely with the blue hues mentioned above and can give you the look of sand against the blue waters and sky. Consider also incorporating seashells, driftwood, dried grass and other small items that can be found along the coast into your room décor. Beach glass, which comes in various colors and sizes, can often be found on the shorelines and collected through the years at different beaches visited, or you can create your own sea glass inspired pieces by using some sea glass spray paint and spraying clean glass bottles. Once dried, place them in a basket or crate and you will have a beautiful, yet subtle coastal piece.

Other Ideas. While beachy colors and decorative items are great ways to incorporate coastal design, another idea would be the use of a round wall mirror hanging in your space, either kept in a wood or metal frame or wrapped in rope. This could bring a little bit of a nautical feel to the room as it would look similar to a ship’s porthole, but would be a nice addition. You could also bring in photos of sea life, beach scenery or photos of some of your favorite beach vacations printed in sepia or black and white and frame them in vintage picture frames to add to the natural elements of the room while surrounding yourself with lasting memories.

20th Jul 2017 Eric Morgan

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