Cool Ways to Repurpose Vintage Frames

Antique picture frames are some of the most ornate and beautiful frames that can be found in homes today, but with the trend towards modern decor, they may not fit traditionally in your contemporary home.

If you have some gorgeous vintage picture frames that you want to incorporate into your home uniquely, see below for some great repurposing ideas that are anything but ordinary.

Turn an old oval frame into a new gorgeous bathroom mirror. Adding some convex glass to a vintage frame makes for a stunning and bright bathroom mirror. Not only will this open up even the smallest of en-suite bathrooms, but it can add a touch of elegance to make the space more functional and serene.

Use vintage hand mirrors in place of frames. If you have some gorgeous old hand mirrors that may have been in your family for generations, preserve them by gently cleaning them, and replace the mirrors with old photographs. Group them in a pattern with handle side or mirror side up, or use them individually around the most formal parts of your home like the dining area.

Add some elegance with rolling organizer drawers. For your most beautiful jewelry, you’ll want to display it when it is not in use, but also keep it well hidden for protection. You can create a unique set of rolling organizers from old vintage frames. Add a velveted surface to the bottom of your frame, and a simple set of roller slides to each side that will allow them effortlessly glide out. Add a small round drawer knob to each one for easier access.

Frame your light fixture for a unique touch on the ceiling. This one may seem tricky, but there are two ways to go about this. You can either secure a frame to the ceiling before securing your fixture, or if you have a smaller frame that you would like to put around an existing chandelier, you will have to cut and then reassemble the frame pieces around your base. Either way, this simple project adds a very unexpected touch.

Get organized in your home office with a pocket holder frame. If you have a smaller rectangular frame that you want to find a use for, use the backing to add some pockets made from a strong fabric, such as burlap, and use it to keep things like important letters, pens or even customer brochures within your work office for easy and creative display.

Make a functional towel holder. The great things about antique frames are that they tend to be well made, and were designed to hold weighty objects. By merely layering three rectangular frames so that the two on either side of the main one keep it several inches away from the wall, you can use the bottom of your main frame as a unique towel holder.

14th Apr 2018 Eric Morgan

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