Create an Eye-Catching Room With Accessories

What atmosphere would you like a room to have? Whether you prefer luxurious elegance, a sense of fun, or a cozy and comfy environment, accessories can be your best friends. When used wisely, accessorizing can be a great way to achieve a certain look and feel for a room.

Here are some accessories you can incorporate in your home:

  • Old toy collection. Old toys can be a fascinating look into your childhood or even someone else’s childhood. Look for your old toys at the attic or scour the flea markets for vintage toys – metal race cars, porcelain dolls, doll house furniture, etc. You can arrange your collection on a display table (preferably a console table with a vintage look) and voila! You can make an otherwise drab space more interesting.
  • Decorative plates. Porcelain china, collectible plates or even cherished family heirlooms can evoke a sense of remembrance. Most of the time, these plates languish inside a box because you are afraid to use them for fear of breaking them. Display these plates instead; you can install a plate rack or use customized display cases such as the decorative plate frames we have in the Victorian Frame Company. These make great additions to your kitchen or your dining area.
  • Musical accessories. Old musical instruments such as trumpets and violets can make great accessories for a tabletop or a picture frame ledge. You can also incorporate some sheet music and place these on antique picture frames for a complete ensemble.
  • Stools or ottomans. Small seats do double duty as decorative accessories, as well as extra seating and storage space. These seating solutions add an extra seat to your living room and can also be serve as a tray holder. Some ottomans also come with hidden storage capability. If you already have a neutral-colored sofa, you can also inject a pop of color to the room by using high-impact fabrics (for the ottomans) or painting bright colors (for the stools).
  • Decorative wall mirrors. Mirrors immediately brighten and enlarge a space. Add a framed mirror in key areas (i.e. the console table at the foyer, above the living room sofa or at the entryway. Choose a mirror with a decorative frame. You can have a vintage frame with elaborate wood markings, metallic silver frames in a sunburst pattern or a metal frame with intricate filigree designs. You can also try layering one smaller mirror atop a bigger one for a sense of depth and dimension for your console table.
  • Vintage games. Vintage game boards of well-loved games such as Scrabble and Monopoly can make for an excellent wall display. You can also use Scrabble letters to form quotes about family, love and life and place these in a shadow box frame. You can also spell the names of your family members.
  • Pretty pillow arrangements. Cushions add warmth and softness to a room. These are also quick and affordable ways to give a space an instant makeover. You can combine strong colors and patterns, as long as you have a neutral backdrop such as a beige sofa. You can also play with colors by using primary colors or a combination of complementary colors. Since cushions are very portable, regularly play around with your combinations.
  • Framed maps and travel mementos. Create a travel-themed vignette by artfully arranging travel mementos such as a collection of souvenir key chains or refrigerator magnets and figurines. Pair these with a set of framed maps that mark the places that you and your family have visited. This vignette can be an excellent reminder of your trips and an encouragement to take the time for more trips with the family.
  • Wicker baskets. These can be placed under the side tables, the console table or the coffee tables or on counter tops and shelves. These are stylish tools that can also provide you with extra storage space.

When using accessories for your home, stick with a certain color family or theme. This prevents you from falling into the trap of trying to cram everything that comes to mind, making your room feel cluttered and more disorganized.

4th Feb 2017 Eric Morgan

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