Creating a Cozy Kitchen Coffee Bar

Waking up in the morning is hard enough, especially when the days are shorter, and the wind is chillier outside. One of the best pleasures of getting up every morning is having a warm cup of coffee or tea to settle the nerves and warm up the soul.

Stumbling around a disorganized kitchen, however, should not be part of the plan. A cozy corner of your kitchen can be devoted to all things coffee house with the following tips below, and you’ll be sipping on warm brew and looking forward to every morning in no time.

Convert a vintage picture frame into a mug display. Take your favorite oval frame or gold or silver frame, and add screw hooks all around the edges to hang your favorite tea cups or coffee mugs. When they are not in use, they will serve as an art piece, but they are all functional and easily accessible in the morning. You can even have it framing a favorite quote or black and white photo.

Use an old kitchen cart or baker’s rack to organize supplies. Coffee pods, creams and sugars should be fully stocked and ready to use to keep your mornings flowing smoothly. Using a cart to keep your supplies all in one place will keep you from having to root around different pantries searching for the ingredients to make a perfect cup of coffee. Keeping a vase of fresh or artificial seasonal flowers will add a touch of coffee house charm.

Table for one (or two!). Having a small round table near your coffee nook will make the space feel whole, and really discern it as a separate area of your kitchen. The table should be just large enough to hold your cup, a muffin and an enthralling book. Add a comfy chair or two, and you’ll be able to let your thoughts drift while you sip and read.

Keep that coffee pot close. If you love the aroma of fresh brewed coffee or tea, keeping the coffee pot on a close counter near the nook will help you to experiences the smells before the taste as it brews each morning. This is also a great way to cut down on traffic in the kitchen, so you can grab your coffee and sit, and not have to settle for a cold cup once everyone is out of the way.

Add some special spices. Some people love to add a little spice to their coffee, so keeping a spice rack with these delicious add-ins will be a delightful surprise for house guests. Cinnamon and nutmeg are particular favorites, but a DIY pumpkin spice recipe is perfect for fall as well. 

6th Dec 2017 Eric Morgan

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