Creating a Spring Break Oasis Right at Home

Although everyone needs a break when the weather finally gets warm again, not everyone can take the time or afford to go to a luxury destination away from home. If you’re planning a staycation for your spring break, why not make it your own private island to enjoy?

If you don’t know where to start in making your home an oasis, see below for some great, easy ideas to transform the winter dull into a spring paradise.

Put fresh flowers everywhere. Head to your local supermarket and pick up several bouquets of inexpensive, colorful flowers. Mix and match colors and fragrances that make your mind wander and put you at ease. Pinks, yellows, blues and greens are particularly cheerful, so put them anywhere in your line of eyesight within your house such as windows, tables, bedroom tables or mantels.

Fill your frames with gorgeous vacation photos. Make a temporary (or longer!) change in your favorite gold picture frames or oval frames by replacing your current pictures with those of sandy beaches, moonlit evenings, or your favorite vacation memories. These soothing images will get your mind back in a place of carefree relaxation, and soon you’ll be hearing the ocean waves while you gaze at them.

Groove to your favorite vacation playlist. If you have to take care of everyday homemaking during your staycation, put on some great tunes so you can dance through even the most mundane of tasks. Mix it up between lively sambas and soothing reggae songs, or throw in some blues or classical if that’s more your style. Just be sure to add anything that puts you in a vacation frame of mind.

Cook gourmet meals. Instead of the usual mix of spaghetti or taco dinners, use this unhurried time to really experiment in the kitchen. Play with new flavors and spices, grill up some yummy seafood, or take the family out for a special restaurant dinner night in a place with great atmosphere. Take your time with your cooking and meals, and let bedtimes slip by the wayside for one night to enjoy a leisurely family dinner night.

Tune out technology. Pretend you didn’t spring for that international data plan on your smartphones, and turn them off for a period of time, or even the whole week. Put that out of office reply on all emails, and tell your coworkers you’ll be unreachable for a bit. Take this time to unplug and rekindle a love for the more simple pleasures of life like reading or board games. You’ll be surprised at how little you miss that small piece of everyday connection while you are reconnecting with yourself or your family.

4th Apr 2018 Eric Morgan

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