Five Fall Picture Frame Door Hanger Ideas

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, and a great time to switch out your decor from the summer chic to fabulous Fall with a gorgeous door hanger that will greet your neighbors with a pleasant feeling.

For some amazing and beautiful door hanger ideas that you can repurpose your picture frames into this fall, see below.

Send a sunny message with sunflowers. Sunflowers are an ideal flower for crafting because they are bright, beautiful, large and flat backed that makes them easy for gluing. Artificial flowers will work best for a wreath you want to keep for years to come. Use an old round picture frame for your base, and interweave burlap and sunflowers to make a gorgeous contrast.

Use wheat as a center. For an understated and simple statement, use a rectangular frame and tie a ribbon around the top for hanging. After you have secured your hanging ribbon, use a large sprig of golden wheat and secure it at the bottom of your frame with the spray at the top, but not all the way to other edges of the frame. This will add a farmhouse touch that is charming and rustic to your door for the Autumn.

Make a monogram. Monograms are a huge tradition in decor, especially in the southern states. It’s easy to make your own family monogram for display using an old picture frame in any shape you choose (rectangle or oval frames) and some wooden letters you find at a craft store. Paint your letters whatever color will look best with your frame or leave them wooden. Then glue them together in the order that you want your monogram (the traditional is First, Last, Middle) and overlap slightly. All that is left is to secure your monogram to your frame either by gluing it to a mat that can be in the background, or by gluing the sides to either edge of your frame.

Get a three-dimensional look with a floating pumpkin. Choose your frame base with an old picture frame (a vintage ornate picture frame would be very nice), and then secure either a small artificial pumpkin to the center using a small piece of invisible thread or by adding a flat picture of a pumpkin using the thread. Artificial is best because you will need it to be very light to sustain within the picture frame hanging.

Go non-traditional with your colors. Instead of the bright oranges, reds and yellows associated with the season, try for alternative colors like purples, midnight blue and greys. These deep and dramatic colors go beautifully with each other, and you can find several flowers in different shades of purple or deep blue to attach to your frame wreath and tie it all together with a grey ribbon. 

6th Nov 2019 Eric Morgan

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