Creating Beach House Vibes With Wall Decor

With schools dismissing and the weather heating up, surely long days by the sand are on the minds of families everywhere. Unfortunately, not everyone can take the time to visit sandy shores and crashing waves this summer, so a home makeover is needed to create the same relaxing feeling.

If you are looking for a great way to update a room or two in your home to make an oasis, see below for some great ideas of how to bring the beach to you without setting a foot outside your home.

Light up the room with mirrors. Mirrors are well known to increase light in a room by reflecting natural sunlight and spreading it. Stick to a smaller mirror theme such as oval wall mirrors, round mirrors or even something more unique like a sunburst mirror. Make a gallery wall of mirrors on one side of the room to really open it up and make it look larger.

Get some gorgeous sea-themed art. Stick to the surface with paintings of sandy beaches, colorful umbrellas and polka dot bathing suits, or go deeper under the seas with silvery fish and purple and blue eight-legged octopi. Keep your theme and colors consistent to make a gallery of paintings look like they make a much larger scene as a whole, and even hang them in some antique frames as if they are swimming around on the walls.

Bring in some real elements. Shadowboxes are a great way to bring elements of the beach to you without having to deal with the mess. Add a little sand to the bottom of your frame using some craft glue, and use your collection of seashells or dried starfish to make a pretty scene. Three dimensional objects are easy to frame in a wider frame such as a shadowbox and make for unique and personal wall art.

Paint the walls a gorgeous hue. If you have light furniture that resembles white sand, go with a sea green or sky blue that reminds you of the water. If your furniture is darker, use the walls to lighten up the room with a light cream or beige. Adding elements of blue and green throughout the room with lamps, drapes or rugs is an easy way to break up the white.

Use a fishing net to display unique items. A fishing net is inexpensive to acquire and can be very useful when trying to hang wall decor that is beach themed but not really easily tied together. Hang the fishing net in a haphazard way on one wall, and use clippings or glue to fasten your art objects to it.

Get creative with your lighting. Set the mood by using lanterns or wall sconces instead fixtures or stand-alone lamps. The lighting might be dimmer at night, but it will give the appearance of long nights fishing off the end of a boat or a pier, and you’ll be practically smelling the salty air and feeling the cool breeze when you close your eyes.

23rd May 2018 Eric Morgan

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