Creative and Fun Ways to Use an Empty Frame

When it comes to decorating and personal style, the possibilities are endless. The same can be said for the many different and unique ways that one can use and/or repurpose a frame. Though intended to showcase beautiful images of people, places and things, frames don’t have to just be used for pictures. Sometimes, you have to let your creativity take center stage and think outside the box.

Whether it’s a thrift store or garage sale find or a coveted pricey frame, you just couldn’t live without; there are countless ways to showcase your creativity in your living space by using an empty frame. Consider the following ideas and let your imagination run wild.

Memo Board. Take a large vintage picture frame that has beautiful texture and scrolling and turn it into a memo board for your kitchen or office. With a little fabric and ribbon crisscrossed across a simple board, you can create a lovely place to stick all those little pictures, invitations and odds and ends that might otherwise be found cluttering your refrigerator, countertop or desk.

Writing Display. While you used to only find simple dry erase and chalkboards in offices and places of business, these are items that are often now found in kitchens, laundry rooms and other living spaces dressed up as decorative, yet practical items. There are numerous products and colors on the market now for chalkboard paint or simply find a chalkboard size that you like and place a decorative frame around it. Another option is to frame a light colored piece of fabric or paper with the frame glass placed over it, and you have a quick and easy dry erase board. These are the perfect place to write down grocery store lists, dinner ideas, specials events or just daily reminders, and change as needed. Better yet, if you are artistically gifted, use the boards as a place to display your talent and draw fun designs, quotes, etc.

Frame an object. Use an empty picture frame and frame a favorite plate or dish. Begin by hanging the object on the wall first and then place the frame around it to highlight the object and make it more of a statement piece. You can also take a white frame (or pick a color that will stand out) and place a wreath about the width of the frame to hang on your front door. You could also take a smaller wreath of simple greenery and hang it from the top of the frame with a piece of burlap or rope and use it indoors, in your entryway or on your fireplace mantle.

Interchangeable Banner Display. Choose an empty gold picture frame or one that feels “special” and use it to hang banners throughout the year. These could be anything from a plain burlap flag banner that can be kept up year-round to different holiday banners that can be interchanged at the start of each new season, birthday, celebration or event. You can get crafty and create the banners yourself, or luckily, most craft stores now sell a variety of options throughout the year already made and ready to hang. 

15th Jul 2017 Eric Morgan

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