Creative Picture Frame Crafts for the New Year

Picture frames are meant for photographs and artwork, right? Not necessarily, if you are willing to get a little crafty with your old gold picture frames or antique picture frames. They can serve any purpose that you can put your mind to with just a few simple additions.

If you are looking for a great way to repurpose your frames in 2019 for a simple home upgrade, then see below for some great creative craft ideas.

Upgrade your bathroom space with a shadowbox shelving unit. Using an existing shadowbox frame, or by just adhering some wooden pieces to the back of any regular antique picture frame, you can already have the basis for some unique and purposeful shelving. Simply add a grid of thin wooden planks to the inside of your shadowbox, and paint the entire piece to match your bathroom decor. Fill it with everything from your toothpaste to your shampoo to stay organized and stylish all year.

Make your own unique collage frame. Instead of trying to squeeze several same-size photos into one collage frame, make your own large piece for a gallery wall centerpiece by layering several frames together. It’s best to use the same geometric shape, but the uniformity can stop there. Paint some brightly colored, use some vintage frames and others plainer or keep them all the same. Whatever you choose, this piece will be unique for sure.

Make a unique charging station for your must-have devices. Using a simple rectangular picture frame, cut out two small half circles on the side of the backing of your frame. This is where you can weave the cords through of your chargers, with the rest tucked away behind the frame. Add a small shelf just wide enough to hold your device in the middle and in the bottom of your frame, and simply place your phone and tablet on each shelf to charge while sitting upright and out of the way.

Add molding to furniture drawers. If you have some rectangular frames that are just the right size for your drawers, but in mismatched colors or materials, the easiest thing to do is paint them all the same color as the furniture, and add them on top of the drawers to make custom molding that will instantly upgrade a department store piece to look like it came from an expensive boutique.

Make a unique DIY calendar within a picture frame. Using a vintage frame or a simpler one, add twine in enough rows across the frame to hang thirty-one pieces of paper in the design of your choice. You can switch them to theme with seasons, weather or whatever you like. Use stickers or clothespins to mark the day each morning, or remove the day at the end of it to remind yourself the past is in the past. 

9th Jan 2019 Eric Morgan

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