Creative Wall Ideas that Add Visual Impact to Your Space

Photos and artwork are not the only things you can put on your wall to beautify your space. Get your creative juices going and put something unique on your walls. They don’t have to be expensive, too! You can use things that you can buy from the dollar store or that are readily available in your crafting table.

With the use of well-chosen picture frames, here are some creative do-it-yourself projects you can make:

  • Punched circles in a frame. Take out your craft papers, old greeting cards and other types of textured and colored papers. Then, using a puncher that creates 1-inch diameter circles, get punching. Then paste selected circles onto a white-background. You can even form your family’s monogram letter by using a common color.
  • Framed sequins. Using a rectangular silver picture frame with white matting, you can go silver and silver by adding some large sequins glued on a pattern. You need some glue, silver craft puffy paint, some strips of white wallpaper or fabric. You can create circular pattern that mimics the ripples on water. You can also have a chevron pattern, alternating paper and sequins. For a holiday-themed display, you can also make a snowflake pattern. Another option will be to take a plain white picture frame, add a 3-window mat board and paste oversized sequins in gradient colors.
  • Gold leaf wall art. Try your hand at the old artistic tradition of applying gold leaf. You can use imitation gold leaf. You need to have a stencil pattern or use low-tack painters tape to create one of your own. The area that will be gilded should be lightly sanded to smoothen it out. Be sure to get rid of any sanding dust. Then, apply a primer (and a base color, if needed) onto the area. Apply the “adhesive sizing” that will be the base of the gold leaf. Make sure that you take note of the tack time so that your adhesive is not too wet but also not dried up yet. Using surface leaf, place the gold leaf sheet directly onto the area and roll out the leaf. Carefully apply a bit of pressure so that the gold leaf successfully adheres to the surface. With this method, you can create a variety of gold leaf patterns. You can create your monograms or symbols and frame these. Another option would be to frame colored silhouettes of the world map, with areas you have visited in gold leaf.
  • Framed scarf. Do you a favorite scarf that has seen better days? Frame it for the sake of posterity and your enjoyment. The best scarves for framing are those that have a bright and attractive pattern. Be sure to match your picture frame with the overall theme of the scarf. For instance, a vintage picture frame will work very well with flowery patterns.
  • Postcards. Do you have a postcard collection that you have obtained during your travels? Well, now is the time to take them out and reminisce about the memories that are associated with these postcards. Take an oversize plain picture frame and paste the postcards side-by side for a colorful display.
  • Nail string wall art. Do it with colored string! There are a wide variety of patterns you can choose and use. What you need is a shadow box frame that can accommodate the depth of the nails.
  • Paint chip display. If you have saved the sample paint chips from your previous renovation projects, you can add bright color to your walls by artistically arranging these paint chips inside a picture frame. You can create a tiled pixelated display. You can also cut out the chips to achieve a chevron pattern. Another option is to cut the chips into triangles and paste them side by side.
10th Sep 2016 Eric Morgan

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