Cute Easter Crafts You Can Do With Your Picture Frames

With Easter just around the corner, many people are already itching to bust out the bright colors and spring decorations.

However, your decorating budget may be blown from the Christmas holidays, so you have to pick and choose the decor you want to put up for the spring season. If you are looking for a way to incorporate some Easter themes on a budget, see below for some cute crafts that you can do at home with your existing picture frames, and a few supplies.

Make an Egg-cellent door decoration. Take one of your favorite vintage picture frames, and turn it into a bright door hanger with pretty pastel paints and few craft eggs. Paint your lightweight craft eggs in an array of bright pastel colors, and use sticker letters or a contrasting paint to put a message, using one letter per egg. If you want an easy way to string them, add a screw hook to the top of each egg, and hang them on a piece of twine to string across the frame. Add a ribbon to hang the frame on your door, and maybe a few decorations such as baby chicks, flowers or other spring accents around the edges of your frame.

Make a colorful bunny display for your mantel. Bunnies are synonymous with Easter because they represent the new life that comes with the Spring season. Pay homage to this cutest of mascots with a colorful and easy bunny display. Using an oval photo frame, take out the existing picture and clean the glass thoroughly. After preparing your frame, simply use a rabbit stencil to cut out several small rabbit silhouettes in bright or pastel colors. Line them on the glass however you would like, and replaced the back of the frame. Place on a mantel for a gorgeous, simple decoration.

Use a circle frame to create an easy paper wreath. This one is beyond simple. Using an egg stencil, cut out several egg shapes from different bright colors and patterns of craft paper, and line them around your circle frame. You can alternate solids with patterns, or just use one or the other in your wreath. Then hang a bright bow at the top, and add a ribbon to the back of the frame for hanging on your door.

Transform your kids into bunnies with a circle frame. Choose or take a close-up smiling photo of your subject. Then cut it to size on your round frame to where it perfectly fills the glass. Using some paper or felt, create a set of bunny ears that can be attached to the top with craft tape or hot glue. If you want to add a body, you can do so as well beneath the frame. Cover the body with cotton balls for a three-dimensional look that feels as good as it looks. Your kids will love being part of your decorations with their smiling faces on display!

30th Mar 2018 Eric Morgan

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