Decorating Ideas for a Home with Kids

When a couple starts a family, it is easy for their once clean, well-styled home to become bombarded with kids’ toys, crafts and messes, but just because you have little ones running about, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good home design. It’s all about staying organized and making your home functional while hiding the toys and clutter to keep your sanity.

A home should be a warm and inviting place for all who live there, parents and children alike. Though it can be a challenge to find the balance, there is no reason that your home can’t be your oasis at the end of a long day, while maintaining a space that is welcoming and inviting to your children who live there also. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you find that ever-so-tricky balance:

  • Hidden Storage. Hidden storage is a must have when decorating with kids. Even if you aren’t fortunate to have a large designated closet that can be closed away, there are many great storage ideas that are perfect for hiding toys and other things in plain site, like storage ottomans and side tables with drawers. Another great storage idea is baskets, especially if you like the farmhouse look that is so popular right now. Baskets are a great way to hide items on shelves, under tables and chairs, and are not only are functional, but they can add a nice visual interest to your space, providing texture and natural elements. You may also consider using a multi-cubed storage piece where you can fill each cube with baskets or canvas boxes labeled or designated for different items. This will help you stay organized and can be a great way to teach your kids about responsibility and cleaning up after themselves.
  • Let them Design and Create. Kids are imaginative and need a place to create. Consider adding an art table or designated area where they can do just that. Of course, with art and design comes the need to display the art. You can create a display wall that can be easily interchanged with their latest masterpieces by using some rope and clips, hooks or magnetic boards, and let your little one display their work with pride. You may even decide to frame a piece of their artwork that you can keep forever. Depending on the look of the artwork, you could choose something that feels carefree like a round frame to add to the whimsy of the art, or if it’s a picture of your favorite little girl drawn as a pretty princess, you may want to choose something that feels a little more regal like a gold picture frame.
  • Organization Station. Though a mudroom is not essential to an organized home, having a space designated for backpacks, diaper bags and other items that come with kids is important in maintaining some sense of order in your home. This can eliminate clutter at the front door, homework that is easily lost and/or forgotten and can altogether allow for less chaotic mornings.
  • Family Photographs. A great way to decorate your space is to surround yourself with pictures of those nearest and dearest to you. Whether it be smaller frames scattered around the room or a large statement photograph of your kids, let them be the main focus of your space.
1st Jul 2017 Eric Morgan

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