Decorating Ideas Using Domes

Domes make for great ornaments. There is just something about looking into a dome to see what’s inside, as if you are peering into a magical world. Capture some of that magic by using domes in your home décor.

The Victorian Frame Company offers custom display cases such as glass domes and acrylic domes. These provide a 360-degree view of the contents. Acrylic domes can have a depth of up to 7 inches and can have a number of differently shaped bases. Glass domes come with round frames that serve as the base. These domes are detachable, so you can change your display whenever you feel like it, changing the arrangement of the display or creating something new altogether.

Here are some ways you can use domes to decorate your home:

Watch collection. Our domes come with hooks and hanging wires for you to display heirloom watches or watches that have some sentimental value to you. If you have a dome with a wider base, you can lay some of the watches down while having a number hanging through hooks and wires.

Holiday décor. Easter is over but you can still capture the essence of this holiday by displaying an Easter egg tree or a number of gaily decorated Easter eggs. You can also do the same for the upcoming 4th of July holiday by putting in some related memorabilia such as the miniature of an eagle with the American flag.

Jewelry display. When you’re not wearing your fancy jewelry, why not put them out for show? Statement pieces that you wear only on special occasions need not be kept hidden. To highlight the beauty of these pieces, you can lay some velvet fabric on the base. Create a mix of jeweled tones and metallic colors, playing with contrast and complementariness of various colors.

Perfume bottles. Once you’re done with a scent, don’t throw away the bottle! Perfumes often come with lovely bottles – classic and elegant, bold and colorful, playful or whimsical. You can add some mini-platforms to provide a difference in height for the various bottles. To keep the bottles from moving around, you can use some double-sided tape to secure the bottoms of the bottles onto the base. Check, though, that the tape adhesive can be easily removed so that you are free to rearrange your display.

Childhood mementos. Along with an adorable photo of your little one, highlight treasured keepsakes that hail from his childhood. For instance, you can cover the base with his favorite blankie, add in his very first pair of shoes and a cherished toy (such as a rattle or a part of his baby mobile).

Corks. Corks from wine bottles should not simply be thrown out unceremoniously. Corks usually have their own unique designs. You can display these into one pile – a testament to all the toasts you made and the overflowing celebrations you had with you and your loved ones.

Birds and butterflies. A bird or butterfly in flight can be a thing of beauty. There are sources for you to obtain preserved butterflies and some of these come with decorative branches and pinecones. You can also display a bird figurine. Another option is to create a nest and place some colored egg replicas inside. Get creative by adding some twigs and decorative moss and stones around the nest.

Beachcomber theme. Reminisce your time in the surf and sand with a display of things you have picked along the beach. This can include some sand, dried starfishes and sand dollars, shells and pieces of driftwood.

Antique display. An antique mantle clock, porcelain doll, the old film camera that was your grandfather’s very first and other family heirlooms will be placed into the best light inside a glass dome.

14th May 2016 Eric Morgan

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