Decorating Ideas Using Vintage Picture Frames

Vintage picture frames feature wooden frames that have ornamental edges. The frames usually have sloped edges, pearl beadings or flower and leaf details. The design harks back to the romantic Victorian period or the classic Louis XIV period. However, vintage picture frames are now also in vogue, for plenty of styles – shabby chic, American colonial, or traditional.

These frames exude an instant charm that can complete the look you are going for. Another important thing to remember is that vintage picture frames are not limited to just simply holding and displaying pictures. There are a lot of things you can do to decorate your home with these romantic and visually pleasing frames. At Victorian Frame Company, you can order antique picture frames in gold, silver or wood finish.

Here are some ways you can use vintage picture frames to decorate your home:

  • Glitter with gold or silver. Use gold or silver picture frames to set off a classic black and white or sepia portrait. You can get an oval picture frame, complete with convex glass to achieve that lovely vintage look. You can also use a gold or silver vintage picture frame to hold a mirror. A classic-designed rectangular frame can be an excellent wall installation, especially when you hang it in the living room.
  • Distressed frames. You can get a white vintage picture frame, paint over it with another color and carefully sand some of the areas of the frame. This goes perfectly with a shabby chic style, featuring light fabrics, pastel colors and wooden furniture (that is also similarly distressed).
  • Layered frames. Get two or more antique frames with similar shapes, colors and ornamental edges. These should ideally be in different sizes. You can hang two frames of the same shape but different size. Remove the backing and glazing, so that only the frames remain. Hang these in the wall by placing the smaller frame inside the bigger frame. You can also use a wooden ledge or shelf – lean the empty frames on the wall in such a way that there is overlapping among the frames.
  • Giving your TV a classic treatment. Get a rectangular frame where the interior dimensions fit your flat TV. This way, you get a “moving painting” in your living room.
  • Framed wallpapers. If you are seriously consider having a statement wall but cannot commit to changing the wall’s paint color or to adding wallpaper, you can simply get two or three rectangular frames that will hold the wallpaper. To achieve a more cohesive look that gives the impression that you have molding details on your wall, paint the frames with the same shade and texture as the wall.
  • Framed wall lights. Add a special touch to your wall lights or light scones with classic frames. You can use metallic colors such as gold, silver or bronze to add some drama to the living or dining room area.
  • Ceiling medallion. Do you have a light that hangs from the ceiling, such as a chandelier or hanging lamp? A classic round or rectangular frame can serve as a ceiling medallion. This adds visual interest and charm to an otherwise boring ceiling. 
19th Apr 2015 Eric Morgan

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