Decorating With White Picture Frames

Wow them with white!

White picture frames can both be classic or contemporary, whimsical or formal, elegant or playful. The color white, being neutral, is the perfect foil for photos. It also works well with both simple and ornate designs. White picture frames can add an airy atmosphere and brightness, especially to small and enclosed spaces.

At The Victorian Frame Company, you can choose white picture frames in different finishes (linen white or taupe, glossy or matte), different shapes (round, rectangular, oval picture frames and more) and different sizes. There are also a lot of designs to choose from – frames with simple, curved edges, edges with pearl beading or Victorian-inspired frames with fancy woodworking.

Here are some ideas when using white picture frames to decorate your home:

  • Introduce a splash of color with the white frames. Add drama to your walls with bright and loud colors such as red, fuchsia, magenta or bright apple green. The white provides a great contrast to the bright colors, effectively bringing these colors out.
  • Display doilies on bright backgrounds. Showcase your white and delicate doilies of different sizes and designs. Using the same bright color as background, you can mount the doilies using invisible thread to hold them in place. The bright background will emphasize the delicate designs. You can use round frames to highlight the rounded shape of the doilies or rectangular frames for a contrasting shape. Use white picture frames with simple lines so as not to detract from the intricate designs of the doilies.
  • Put up a mirror gallery. White frames and mirrors are simply beautiful! Take a number of antique picture frames in different sizes, shapes and designs and use these to frame mirrors. With the right lighting, you can create a warm and welcoming, yet balanced atmosphere. When using mirrors, take note of the placement. Check what it will reflect when placed in a specific section of the wall. If it reflects something unsightly, you will be multiplying the unsightliness.
  • Add crystal and glass accessories. When displaying your frames on a picture frame ledge, shelf or table top, complement your white frames with crystal and glass ornaments. These add another level of depth and texture to your display but are still in keeping with the visual lightness of the white frames.
  • Go white on white. Pair empty white picture frames with other white decorative ornaments. Of course, to pull this off, your wall should be a stronger color than white. An ornate white frame can place the focus on a white plaster bust, souvenir plates, as well as white plaster cameos or sculptures. A bigger white frame can also enclose a smaller white one.
  • Pair white with another color. Soothing white can be paired with mellow yellows or blues in different shades. You can frame fabrics with your selected shades. For instance, if you opt for warm yellow, you can play around with combining white and various shades of yellow. Create contrast by using yellow matting to frame an even brighter yellow fabric. 
19th Oct 2015 Eric Morgan

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