Decorating Your Bedroom Using Picture Frames

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. The living room and dining room is a place where you receive and welcome visitors while the kitchen is a busy hub of activity. Now, your bedroom is where you retreat and relax. At the end of the day, there is a feeling of relief when you finally enter your bedroom, fall on your bed and let the stresses of the day simply fade away.

Relax in a well-designed bedroom and use picture frames to help you achieve the look you want with these ideas:

  • Framed mirrors under lampshades. Up the ambiance in your bedroom by placing mirrored round picture frames beneath the lampshades at your bedside tables. The light coming from the shades will be softly reflected upward, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.
  • Doily display. For feminine bedrooms, a series of framed doilies can serve as an elegant yet contemporary bed board. Use black and contemporary-designed picture frames in square and rectangular shapes. You can feature circular, star-shaped and rectangular doilies to add interest and visual impact to the overall display.
  • Empty frame. If you already have an accent wall in your bedroom, a simple empty frame can add texture and make things a little more fascinating. When you have already invested in fancy, whimsical or “statement” wallpaper, you can simply get a rectangular oversized antique picture frame, remove the glazing and backing and place it over the bed. Ideally, the size of the frame should span at least three-fourths of the width of the bed.
  • Tiered tray. This handy DIY tray can be useful in your dresser table or in your bedside table. Take two rectangular picture frames, where one frame is smaller. Cover the backing board with sturdy decorative paper. Alternatively, you can take out the backing board and make your own base using some strips of wood, such as pieces of pallet. You will also need a wooden candlestick, which will serve as the stand on which the second (and smaller frame) will be attached. If you cannot find a wooden candlestick, one other option will be the base of an unused staircase balustrade. To assemble, securely attach the candlestick on the center of the bigger frame using wood glue or screws. Then attach the other end of the candlestick to the bottom and center of the smaller frame.
  • Picture frame ledge over the bed. One or two narrow shelves can be placed at the space where the headboard should have been. You can place picture frames, as well as other decorative items. The ledge provides you with the versatility to change the display whenever you want. It also lends a clutter-free look to the bedroom.
  • Framed mirror grid display. Mirrors can enlarge the room, make it feel roomier and brighter. Because mirrors can be heavy, it will be better to use a number of small mirrors that you can arrange into a grid for visually attractive focal point. Be sure to securely hang the mirrors on the wall to prevent them from falling. With the use of soft lights, the mirrors’ reflection will also add a romantic atmosphere to the room.
5th Oct 2016 Eric Morgan

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