Decorating Your Custom Shadowbox

Shadowboxes are custom display cases that are very similar to picture frames but allow for a bit of depth. This way, you can display sentimental knick-knacks. You get to enjoy them without having to worry about damage caused by dust and grime.

These display cases are very versatile and can display treasured items for a variety of occasions and display types. So, take out those mementos and let’s start decorating your very own shadowbox.

Ordering your shadow box frame

  • Get an estimate of the dimensions you will need. Consider the depth of your overall 3D display, the height of the items and the width of the display.
  • Unique items may require a custom made display case. Give us a call at the Victorian Frame Company to order your custom-made shadow box based on your desired frame style, color, finish, shape and dimensions.
  • If you are planning on showcasing precious but delicate items, it may be useful to choose a box with UV protective glazing to prevent light damage on the items.
  • You can order a box with adjustable shelves for a quick and easy display where mounting the items to the backboard is kept at a minimum.


  • Protect your table or work surface by covering it with old newspapers.
  • Plan your display. How do you want the finished work to look like? Collect your mementos and related materials. For instance, if you want to create a display of your baby’s first year, you can collect his shoes, mittens and toys, as well as related accessories – pictures, buttons and a baby-themed background. Planning your display prevents you from making mistakes and messing up your display.
  • Organize your materials. Aside from your mementos, organize your crafting kit – glue or glue gun, scissors, tweezers and so on.
  • Select your decorative paper or fabric for the backdrop. If you are choosing fabric, iron it first so that there will be no creases upon attachment.


  • Remove the backing of the blank shadow box frame. You may need a pair of pliers or a screwdriver to unfold the metallic tabs that keep the backing board in place.
  • Line the backing board with the decorative paper or fabric of your choice. This will serve as the backdrop. Make sure that the background is securely attached so it will not peel off when you start gluing items onto the backing board. You can also attach decorative rope liner at the outline where the seams are located.
  • Assemble the display. Aim for a 3-dimensional look by layering the items and adding wood blocks and other decorative elements. Gently work on attaching each of the items, carefully working so that you keep the remaining pieces in the position you want them. You may attach to the sides of the frame edge as well as on the mounting board.
  • Allow for some drying time. After about 24 hours, reattach the backing board.

Voila! You are done with your shadow box decorating project. Choose the perfect spot for your shadow box frame.

25th Sep 2016 Eric Morgan

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