Decorating your Fireplace Mantel

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, then you have the opportunity to highlight a focal point in your living space by choosing a beautiful and well laid out design for your fireplace mantel and surround.

You may choose to change your decorations with the changing of seasons and holidays, or you may find something that you love and want to keep things simple by sticking to the same mantel design throughout the year. Either way, there are many unique and interesting ways to decorate your space and create a look that you love. When decorating your fireplace mantel, here are a few ideas to consider:

Choosing a style. Many people have a particular style that they like to stick to when choosing décor for their home—modern, traditional, eclectic or farmhouse chic, there is a style for you! Once you know the look that you are hoping to attain, you can start to collect the items to use in your design. If more modern, you may want to stick to a simplistic, less-is-more design by selecting streamlined, sleek pieces. If your style is more traditional in nature, consider using classic features like antique clocks, silver or gold picture frames and candelabras. To create a farmhouse chic look—a very popular and on-trend style right now—try mixing pottery pieces and whiteware with chalkboards, baskets and greenery. Regardless of style, all mantels need to have various heights and levels to create a good visual flow. You can create these different heights through accessorizing your space based on your own personal style.

Practical television placement. Often times, due to the layout of a room, the only option for television placement is above the fireplace mantel, which can create a decorating challenge. Though challenging, you can still bring some style to your mantel by placing smaller items at the corners of the TV screen and then use taller items on the sides. This allows you to still create different heights, which again, creates a better visual flow. Just be sure not to use anything that will obstruct your view of the TV screen.

Changing your design for the season or holiday. If you choose to change the décor on your mantel and fireplace surround with the change of each season or holiday, consider having a few key elements that make for a great everyday mantel that can remain as more permanent features year-round. For instance, use a beautifully framed family portrait or designer mirror at the center of your fireplace that can always remain as the focal point, and change the other elements of your mantel to celebrate each new holiday. This will allow you the chance to only change certain aspects of your mantel without having to completely redesign your space.

Using mirrors to enlarge your space. A fireplace mantel is a great place to hang a mirror to help enlarge the space in your room. There are great options and many different styles of mirrors. Consider choosing a round wall mirror or other unique shapes to help break up the design and create more visual interest.

27th May 2017 Eric Morgan

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