Decorating Your Home with Mirrors

Mirrors offer a fascinating combination of light, movement and energy. They can instantly add sparkle and space to a room. Mirrors can be highly effective interior-decorating tools – they can serve as the room’s focal point, provide a welcoming atmosphere to a home entrance or brighten up the room. Of course, mirrors do double duty since they allow someone to have a quick check on how they look.

The Victorian Frame Company not just offers high quality picture frames. You can also choose from among the wide selection of mirrors housed in beautiful wooden modern or antique picture frames in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can also opt between plain and beveled-edged mirrors.

When using mirrors, it can be helpful to remember these tips and tricks:

  • Choose the right design. What is the overall look and feel of the room where you will place the mirror? Be sure to choose the type of framed mirror that complements the room. For instance, if you have a shabby chic interior design, a white vintage picture frame can be a good choice. Add a gold-leaf finished frame with elaborate moldings for a Louis XVI-inspired living room. Of course, if you want to mix it up by combining different styles (i.e. a modern mirror for a traditional scheme), you can take the risk and experiment.
  • Select the right shape. You can also select the shape of the mirror so that it can add to the room’s visual appeal. You can mimic the shape of the other furniture and decorative elements in the room to unify the look of the room. Mirrors in round picture frames can serve to soften severe lines while oval mirrors can take on the look of a portrait when one is looking straight into it.
  • Consider the other contents of the wall. If the wall is too spare, with barely any decorative elements, a mirror with an elaborate frame can add drama to the wall. However, if there are already a lot of things going on in the wall, choose a mirror with simpler lines so that it does not clash with the rest.
  • Fit the size of the mirror with its placement. Small mirrors can be placed in a group, as what you would do in a picture frame gallery. Medium-sized frames, on the other hand, can be combined with other items such as plates, framed artwork or needlework. The set can be hung above a table or dresser. Large wall mirrors can be placed on the floor and leaning on the wall. They can also be hung by itself on an otherwise empty wall.
  • Place the mirror where it can reflect something pleasant to look at. If you have to double something using a mirror, be sure that the reflection is also visually appealing. Avoid putting a mirror where it will reflect messy cabinets or dark corners. Rather, place it where it can reflect the garden outside or a favorite work of art. If you put a mirror in front of a window, you are providing an illusion of more windows.
  • Add light to a hallway or staircase wall with mirrors. In addition to framed pictures, incorporate framed mirrors. The mirrors can also add to the atmosphere, as one is able to see his reflection as he passes by. If these are dark places, you can add decorative lighting to maximize the reflective effect of the mirrors.
  • Make relaxed dining spaces with mirrors. Placing mirrors in dining room walls can instantly open up the space and make it feel more relaxed. The right placement of a decorative oversized mirror can make dining with loved ones and friends double the joy.
29th Feb 2016 Eric Morgan

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