Design Trends for 2019

Out with the old and in with the new seems to be the theme of every January, and for interior design, it’s no different. Designers are already predicting what will be in and what will be out for the hottest interior designs this year.

If you are looking for some hot re-decorating tips to keep your style in-the-now this year, then see below for the top design trends happening in 2019.

Florals. Seems like nothing new, but florals will be everywhere this year in bright and beautiful or subtle and subdued hues. Pair your floral bedding with a deeper paint color and some shabby chic distressed vintage picture frames with your favorite old black and white photos for an understated feminine look.

Jewel tones outside of the kitchen. Bright, bold jewel colors like indigo and ruby are being seen everywhere, even in the more common areas such as the living room. Don’t overdo it and only choose a few pictures like a bright abstract painting in a plain black or gold rectangular picture frame, or a bright teal vase holding your favorite flowers. Layer fabrics over a white background to add some drama and still keep it understated.

A little pop of drama in the kitchen. Beautiful, clean lines and muted colors will always be in style for kitchens, but this year designers are expecting to see a lot more drama in the kitchen in the form of bold pattern backsplashes and bright colors.

Sustainable resources and handmade items. Ditch the big retailer when shopping for that foyer table or perfect vase in favor of a local artist or craftsman that can make you a one of a kind piece using recycled wood, clay or rice paper. These items add a touch of earthy tones to the home and will remind you to support local businesses while also being amazing conversation pieces.

The four-poster bed. In these uncertain times in the world, and a four-poster bed can bring a sense of security that people often crave when in their most vulnerable state of sleeping at night. Gone are the open sleigh designs and fabric studded headboards for this year. Add a touch of grandeur with a large frame that commands attention.

A mixing of time. Modern and vintage will take a turn at mixing this year with bohemian pieces that are bigger, brighter and have clean lines. You’ll still see curving furniture, but with a cleaner appearance and a more modern feel.

A foundation of acrylic. It may not seem like an obvious choice, but a clear, acrylic furniture piece such as a coffee table or a set of ghost chairs can be layered with many more of the brighter design trends easily. It will go with any color scheme, any pattern and any feel of the room without overtaking it. Add some of the jewel tone accessories mentioned above or keep it clean and simple to suit your style. 

22nd Jan 2019 Eric Morgan

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