Design Trends for Mirrors for 2018

The best thing about mirrors is that they not only look amazing, but they are so versatile in design for your home. With a new year comes fresh ideas, and these tips below will help you redesign your look so you’ll feel like you’re living in a whole new space.

Group a large round wall mirror with smaller contrasting frames. If you have a collection of smaller art pieces that would be perfect on a gallery wall, place them in antique picture frames with a similar rectangular shape, and place a large round wall mirror in the center to pull the look together. The mirror will brighten up the wall, and draw attention to the center of your gallery look.

Get asymmetrical. So many people think that with a clean look you need to have symmetry in every aspect, but adding an odd looking piece can be just the thing to make the symmetry of the room stand out. You can even create an off-center piece by using a round picture frame as a base, and adding a smaller round mirror near the center, but more towards one of the upper or lower edges.

Try something ornate for a polished look. Mirrors don't have to be plain. Often, antique mirrors were used as works of art themselves, with beautiful and ornate molding or patterns. These statement pieces were the measure of opulence, so owning one was a way to distinguish status. These days these pieces are just reminders of craftsmanship, but in a formal setting, they can make a room feel like part of a gorgeous castle.

A sunburst mirror adds a bright touch. If you have a breakfast nook area or a sunroom that you are trying to turn into a relaxing after-work space, a sunburst mirror is a perfect accent for a bright room. Using gold or silver touches will help to let the natural light shimmer off of the piece, and add even more light to a room. This is especially great for winter months when sunlight is so fleeting and valuable.

Group in multiples for a unique look. There are no rules saying that you should only use mirrors in single pieces in your rooms. If you want a truly unique looking, break it up by grouping two or three small rectangular or circle mirrors together, or two large rectangular mirrors on a wall instead of one large piece.

Use a mirror to add a pop of color. If you have a rather plain room that you are looking to modernize, adding a mirror to a colorful frame, which will add just the right amount of color to make the room stand out. Deep reds or oranges are more dramatic, while teals, purples and blues add a more relaxing vibe.

22nd Jan 2018 Eric Morgan

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