Different Display Cases for Different Needs

Frames are not just for paper and fabric. You can also mount mementos and highlight them with creative mounting techniques and the right choice of display case. Your keepsakes and heirlooms deserve their time in the spotlight, displayed for all to see. These heirlooms are linked to treasured memories and are best kept where they can gather appreciation, rather than inside a box where they will only gather dust.

Here are some display cases you can choose from:

  • Shadow box frames. This is the most generalized of display cases since you can mount virtually anything of sufficient width inside. You can even get customized display cases by ordering a shadow box frame in a specific shape. The Victorian Frame Company has custom-made shadow boxes in the shape of baseball bats, rifles, guitars, goblets and bells.
  • Glass domes. Shadow box frames are useful but there are some who prefer a display case that provides a 180-degree view of the framed item. Glass domes can provide this and also allows you to display items of more depth. The bases are round and can go up to 12 inches in diameter. These domes can also come with hanging wire, hooks or platforms for specialized items such as watches, shells, thimbles and other small items.
  • Acrylic dome. This is different from glass domes, which are mainly circular in shape with a circular base. In contrast, the acrylic domes can bend deeper and can go as deep as 7 inches. They can be designed to fit more shapes – oval, rectangle, cathedral, heart and oblong. The bases can also go up to a diameter of 36 inches. The acrylic dome can be equipped with UV protection and are resistant to breaking and cracking.
  • Fan cases. These are specialized display cases that come with a base and a fan-shaped dome glass. These are especially designed to showcase antique fans or commemorative fans. The dome usually comes with a rabbet depth of 1 ¾ inches.
  • Collector plate frames. If you are a collector of decorative or antique plates, the collector plate frame is the perfect way for you to display your collection. These come in single and double plate formats and are beautifully designed to complement your plate collection. These are made of wood and come with a variety of colors and finishes. The mounting board is covered in velvet and features a space where you can mount the plate and clips for you to securely attach the plate to the mounting board. It is then covered with convex glass.
  • Jersey display cases. If you are a sports fan who is lucky enough to bring home a sports jersey from your favorite player or if you were once a player yourself who would like to reminisce about the “good old days”, then you can preserve and display the jersey in a specially-designed case. The Victorian Frame Company has display cases that are in the shape of baseball, football, basketball and hockey jerseys. The mounting board allows you to mount the jersey safely and securely.
  • Flag cases. These flag cases can hold the folded USA burial flags presented to members of the armed forces. A soldier who has lived and died in the service of the country is honored for his sacrifice. The USA flag is draped on the casket. During the burial ceremony, along with the gun salute; this flag is folded and presented to the soldier’s family. The triangular-shaped flag case provides the folded flag with a dignified and elegant home. The flag case comes in two versions – the traditional flag case with flat convex glass and the honors flag case where the beveled glass holds the embossed Great Seal of the USA.
31st Dec 2015 Eric Morgan

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