Display Cases For Your Various Needs

The Victorian Frame Company is your definitive source of display cases for various treasures. Family keepsakes and heirlooms should not be kept inside boxes in the attic where it will simply gather dust. Make your house a showcase of your precious keepsakes through display cases.

Why you need display cases

Because of their intrinsic value, these items need special care. Some of these items tend to increase in their value over time, as long as you preserve them and keep them in mint condition. There are also items that have sentimental value and are irreplaceable.

Display cases protect these treasures from:

  • Dust and grime
  • Moisture, which can result in molds or mildew
  • Damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays (which can cause items to fade or crack)
  • The prying hands of young children or the paws of curious pets

The glazing in these display cases can be equipped not just with UV protection but also for visual clarity and quality.

Display Cases at Victorian Frame Company

The Victorian Frame Company offers a wide array of display cases for your keepsakes’ various shapes and sizes. These include:

  • Acrylic domes. This has a frame-like base and an acrylic dome that can go as deep as 7”. This can be displayed upright on a shelf or table or can be mounted on the wall. This allows viewing not just from the front but also the side. Acrylic domes are used to preserve bridal bouquets, butterflies mounted on a piece of wood, funeral flowers and other 3-dimensional items. The Victorian Frame Company carries domes that accommodate round, rectangular, cathedral, heart-shaped or oval frames.
  • Glass domes. This is similar to the acrylic domes but the domes are made with glass. This is only available for round frames. You have the option to include hooks and hanging wire so that you can hang small objects like a collection of thimbles or shells.
  • Collector Plate Frames. This is designed specifically for decorative and collector plates. This features a base where you can mount the plate, velvet backing and the glass cover. The Victorian Frame Company only provides octagon-shaped frames. You can choose frames that hold one plate or two plates.
  • Fan cases. Decorative fans can be antique fans or commemorative fans. The base takes on the shape and the required depth of the fan. This allows you to unfold the fan and display it in all its beauty. The optional clear flat glass provides protection from the elements. You can choose from a wide selection of colors, including black silver, champagne gold, rubbed bronze, linen white or walnut finishing.
  • Flag cases. This is for those who were accorded military honors for the sacrifice of their lives for the country. The flag case features a triangle-shaped base where a military burial flag can be stored and displayed. The flag case can have a removable back or a hinged lid.
  • Jersey cases. Sports fanatics can have their favorite sports jersey framed with a depth of 1.5”. The case is ideal for hockey, baseball, football or basketball jerseys. This allows you to mount the jersey safely. If ever you need to remove it, you can easily do so without worrying about ruining the jersey.
  • Shadow box frames. This is a deep frame that allows the mounting of 3-dimensional objects. The Victorian Frame Company can supply custom display cases in the form of different-shaped shadow box frames. With this, you can frame virtually anything that has the required depth! This includes car plates, guitars and a baseball bat and catcher’s mitt. 
13th Sep 2014 Eric Morgan

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