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Treasures are to be enjoyed, not kept hidden. The same goes for prized mementos and family’s cherished possessions. These items need to be displayed so that family and friends can share in the delight and memories they elicit. However, you also need to make sure that they are safe and protected from damage. These include dust, grime, extreme shifts in temperature, tearing caused by mishandling and accidents.

Victorian Frame Company offers a fine collection of display cases. These are specially designed to put your treasures in the best light while providing a level of protection. What’s more, their classy design and fine craftsmanship provides additional “eye-candy” for your home.

Here are some of the display cases you can choose from:

  • Acrylic Domes. These are especially designed to display three-dimensional items. The items are displayed and laid on the frame base while the dome provides ample space for items such as flowers, collection items that are three-dimensional and other memorabilia. The acrylic domes can be bent to fit the frames that are available in our store. This includes rectangular, oval, heart-shaped, oblong, cathedral and round frames. As this makes use of acrylic, take special care when cleaning the glazing to prevent scratches.
  • Collector Plate Frames. Novelty, antique and specialty plates are collector’s items that tend to increase in value. These collector plate frames are custom display cases. Rather than placing your collector plates in a hutch, a good alternative is to make a gallery display. The collector plate frames provide adequate depth for the plate while the velvet backing highlights the beauty of the plates. It is pretty simple to mount the plates in the frame as the frames come with the clips and hardware you need. We offer plate frames for one or two plates.
  • Glass domes and bases. This involves a round base with a glass dome that can come up to a depth of 7”. The glass dome affords a 360-degree view of the items while these are displayed on a shelf or a table. Glass domes work well for items such as thimble or butterfly collections, watches, as well as other items that need more depth. You have the option to add a brass knob, hooks or hanging wire.
  • Fan cases. Decorative fan cases are specially made to display collectible and decorative fans. The fan can be displayed in all its glory. The cases are made of fine and hand-finished wood, convex glass and an optional mirror.
  • -Flag cases. oHoHonor loved ones and friends who served and gave their lives in the country’s armed forces using a flag case. This displays the military burial flag in the way it was folded and presented to the family. The traditional flag case can hold the flag, while the honors flag case includes the laser engraved emblem of the country’s Great Seal.
  • Shadow boxes. Shadow box frames are great all-purpose options for three-dimensional displays. These can display a wide variety of items – with the items placed inside the recessed area of the frame. This works well with themed displays, sports memorabilia and more. The most popular shapes include oval, round, cathedral, oblong, rectangular or heart-shaped boxes. You can also order a custom-made shadow box frame to fit the shape and depth you want.
  • Sports jersey. These are shadow boxes that are designed to follow the shape of the following jerseys: basketball, baseball, football and hockey jerseys. With the specially-designed case, you can show off your jersey without visible joints or seams. 
19th Jul 2015 Eric Morgan

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