Display Ideas Using Shadow Box Frames

Shadow box frames serve as handy display cases for yoursmall but precious memorabilia. Be it those shells you picked up during yoursummer vacation by the sea, the medal you won during the competition, themementos from your wedding or items in your collection, shadow boxes serve tohighlight the items while protecting them from dust and from curious and pryinghands.

There are some custom-made display cases that showcasespecific items. For instance, a jersey display case can proudly exhibit yourfavorite player’s sports jersey. Meanwhile, that exotic fan you bought fromSpain fits perfectly into a fan case.

Whatever the items may be, here are some things you can dofor an eye-catching and safe way of mounting your memorabilia:

  • -Decidewhether to add matting or not. Matting can serve as another level offraming. It also provides a 3D effect. If you’re working at mounting thin itemssuch as medals or coins, matting can provide the necessary depth so that theitem will fit inside the picture frame. Matting can also separate various itemsin one frame and provide each with a window or mini-frame.
  • -Nevermake your mounting permanent. You may change your mind about the frame. Youmight decide to transfer it to a new frame. Gluing the item may be the quickand easy solution, but not the most ideal. In the event that you need to removethe item from the frame, you may just end up damaging it if it is already gluedonto the matting. There are also some kinds of glue that eats into the paper orcauses discoloration.
  • -Choosethe right kind of glass. You can use convex glass made from either realglass or acrylic. Make sure that you choose a non-glare but UV-protective glasscover. This will keep your items from being damaged by sunlight.
  • -Mountingby sewing. This works especially well if you want to display items ofclothing such as a kimono, a national costume or a jersey. Sewing will securethe piece of clothing onto the matting board. Try arranging the shirt or pieceof clothing and experiment on the best way to display it. When you have finallydetermined the best configuration, carefully sew it so that the stitches remainhidden. You can prop up the item with some tissue paper or matting board.
  • -Anchoring the items on the corners. Youcan place corner envelopes on the edges. With this, you don’t have to glue theitem onto the backing. Be careful, though, that the envelopes are not too tightor it might damage the item being mounted.
  • -Usingmagnetic strips. Coins and other metallic objects can be mounted by placingmagnetic strips underneath the matting. This way, you don’t have to glue youritems but ensure that they are securely in place.
  • -Hangingor strapping the items. You can have a piece of metal wire or Nylon stringattached from one end to another. Then, you can hang the items by attachinghooks on them. Another alternative is to use straps to keep your items inplace. You just need to cut small, unnoticeable holes on the matting where youcan insert both ends of the strap or wire. You can opt for invisible Nylonwire. You can also use ribbons, strips of leather or chunks of rope andincorporate these into the display.
  • -Leave itto the professionals. If the item you want to mount is too complicate foryou to do, you can send your item to Victorian Frame Company. We have extensiveexperience in mounting all sorts of items. These include golf clubs, guns,guitars, wedding memorabilia or baseball bats.
21st Mar 2014 Eric Morgan

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