Empty Frames as Home Décor

Who says you have to frame anything for a picture frame to be decorative? Picture frames without the glazing, backing and artwork are very useful (and fabulous!) home décor options. They are versatile as well – these can be hung on the wall, placed in a shelf or ledge, or laid down on a table. You can use the frames as is or you can get your “creative crafter hat” on and decorate the frames to add more flair.

Here are some empty frame decorative ideas for your home:

  • Highlight wall décor. If you plan to hang a bust, wall decal or decorative plate, you can set it off using an empty frame. Make sure that the frames and the wall décor item match in terms of theme and overall look. For example, you can combine a brightly colored vintage picture frame with a plaster animal bust. The same goes for crochet doilies, wall decals in text (such as a quote) or 3-D decals (i.e. flowers or butterflies). If the wall decal is whimsical in nature, you can match it with a frame decorated with drawings or choose a frame with elaborate woodwork.
  • Frame-finity. Or, at most, three. Have fun putting a frame within a frame within a frame. You can combine shapes or stick with just one shape. To make the display have a more cohesive look, it is best to choose frames of similar design (i.e. woodwork detail) or color. For instance, you can take a small round picture frame and pair it with an oval frame and then place both inside a larger rectangular frame - all with the same shades or frame design. You can also place two rectangular frames side by side and surround these with an even larger picture frame.
  • Monograms or typeset lettering Accent. Add some oomph to a monogram letter on your wall by framing it. Check to see that the size and placement of the frame over the typeset lettering is proportional.
  • Frame a clock. If you feel that your wall clock is too boring or plain, you can dress it up with a well-selected frame. Choose an oversized antique picture frame with the same shape as the clock (which is usually round).
  • Headboard. This calls for a very large rectangular picture frame, preferably one with fancy woodwork. This frame goes over your bed, instantly adding its own brand of charm to your bedroom. When hanging the frame, make sure that the width is enough to support the entire structure of the frame, especially since you don’t have a backing board to help ensure that the frame stays solid. This is to prevent any accidents that may happen with the frame falling over.
  • Wall accent. Cut off the monotony of your wallpaper by leaning an oversized picture frame on the wall. This not only adds texture but also visual interest to your otherwise dreary wall.
  • Picture “clothesline”. Take a rectangular picture frame. Nail a piece of decorative wire onto opposite sides of the frame. Attach a number of small snapshots (printed as mini-polaroids) with the use of cute wooden clothespins.
  • Key holder. Keep your keys where you can easily find them. Add some hooks on the top of the inside edge of the picture frame. This is where you will hang your keys. Place the picture frame on the foyer, so that you can simply grab the keys on the way out and hang them as you enter your house.
  • Mantel accent. Instead of just laying down décor for your mantel (i.e. flower vase, candelabra, decorative stones or a statue), add texture and depth to the display by leaning a number of empty picture frames on the wall. You can have these overlap to make things even more interesting. The frames will also serve to give the mantel some height.
  • Buffet table spread. Are you hosting a buffet or potluck dinner in your home? You can display your desserts in a novel way by getting some vases (the ones with a thick base, level tops and bottoms as well as a considerable height). You can opt to add colored balls or flowers inside of the vases. Then, place your desserts on small serving plates. Lay down a number of empty frames on the buffet table. Place the vases inside the frames and then place the plates on top of the vases.
  • Framed mirror. Add height and width to an otherwise small mirror by putting an empty frame over the mirror.
  • Outdoor “window”. In your deck or porch, hang an oversized frame on the ceiling or the awning. This can give the feeling that you have a “window” to your garden or pool.

Aside from these, you can also put empty frames over small artworks on the wall, your television or over a very large mirror.

24th Feb 2016 Eric Morgan

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