Environmentally Friendly Picture Frames

“Going green” has taken a more urgent tone with each passing day. With the earth’s dwindling natural resources, each one is called to be more environmentally responsible. Every bit helps. The good news is that picture frames themselves are going green. Indeed, you can enjoy gallery displays at home and still know that you are not jeopardizing the environment.

Combination of beauty and eco-friendliness

In the past, antique picture frames were valued not just based on their elaborate designs, but also on the quality of the wood. Sadly though, not much consideration was made on whether these picture frames make use of wood that may have been illegally procured or harvested unsustainable practices.

With the picture frames from The Victorian Frame Company, you are assured that the gorgeous vintage picture frame replicas were crafted using environmental friendly materials. Most of the frames make use of MDF wood, also known as Medium Density Fiberboard. The raw materials used in making MDF only use wood sources that strictly adhere to the strictest environmental compliance standards. We also make sure that these wood sources are compliant with responsible forestry practices.

Other considerations for environmental friendly picture frames:

Aside from the wood, there are also other factors that help determine how “green” a frame is. Here are some of these considerations:

  • A frame’s durability. Your choice of frame should be one that can endure the test of time. When you choose a frame with a longer “shelf life”, so to speak, you minimize the need to buy new ones. The great thing about The Victorian Frame Company’s picture frame is that it is highly durable. With a bit of creativity, you can even make one frame last throughout various changes in your design concept. The picture frames can be repurposed or repainted to suit the new look you are going for (i.e. from classic to shabby chic).
  • Use of recycled materials. The backing board and mat board can be made from old wood or paper pulp or make use of the same MDF material as the frame body. Also, instead of opting for new glass, go for recycled glass as well.
  • Packaging. Care should also be made when it comes to the packaging materials needed to ship the frames you ordered from the manufacturer to your home. Although picture frames are fragile and need a certain level of redundancy in ensuring that the packages are safe from damage during transit, this is balanced with the desire to also use environmentally-friendly packaging. Unnecessary layers are done away with.
  • Choosing your color. The Victorian Frame Company provides up to 3 color chips to help you check if a certain color will work with the kind of display you want. However, you can consider cutting down on the need to request for samples. This will also minimize the carbon footprint related to the delivery. Consider getting picture frames that work well with a wide variety of designs. For instance, you can think about getting black picture frames – which work well with colored pictures or even with black and white photos. 
9th Jul 2015 Eric Morgan

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