Exploring Our Framed Mirror Collection

Framed mirrors are an important decorative element. The simple act of placing one on the wall can brighten your space, add a sense of depth and introduce a sense of mystery or playfulness (depending on the style you choose). It is not only decorative but also functional – providing a much-needed service to visitors who would like to check out how they look.

Victorian Frame Company proudly has in its collection a wide range of framed mirrors – framed rectangle mirrors, framed round mirrors and framed oval mirrors. With our products, you can choose between beveled or non-beveled mirrors, which are distortion free and come with an easy to hang mechanism. You can also order up to 3 color samples for free so that you can make sure that your selected framed mirror matches the rest of the room?

Are you looking for a framed mirror that is in the vintage or contemporary design? Do you prefer wood finishes, gold or silver leaf finishes or colored glossy finishes? Here are some of the choices you have from our collection. (These come in round, oval and rectangular shapes.):

  • Saratoga framed mirror. This features a modern design with a slope moving upwards from the inside to the outside edge of the frame and leveling off into a flat surface at the outermost edge. This has a slim frame, with a 1 and 3/8 inch width.
  • Venice framed mirror. This style is very ornate and is reminiscent of the late 19th century style that boasted of ornate carvings. The 2-¾ inch wide frame sports intricate ruffles at the edge, a raised slope at the middle with a 3/8 inch wide inner lip that is softly sloped at the innermost edge. The frame is 1 inch in height.
  • Lancaster framed mirror. For those who desire a classic simplicity, this frame boasts of soft curves, moving upward from the outermost edge with the majority of the curve as it approaches the inner edge. This design gives the illusion that the mirror is raised. The frame is 2-¾ inches in width and 1-inch in height.
  • Kensington framed mirror. This has a beaded inner and outer edge and an inwardly sloped center. The result is that the frame moves downward towards the center, adding depth to the overall look of the framed mirror. The frame has a bit more height, between 1-1/8 inches high but narrower, with the 1-5/8-inch width.
  • Pasadena framed mirror. Narrow but graceful, this frame is only 1-inch in width and height. The design is a semi-circle, which hides the 3/8-inch lip. This design is great for rooms with a minimalist theme.
  • Newport framed mirror. This contemporary design mixes lines and curves, as well as hollow or concave rounded outer edges. The straight outer edge goes down 45 degrees, and then goes straight with another 45-degree downward turn at the innermost edge. This frame is 1-inch in height and 1-5/8 in width.
  • Florence framed mirror. This is perfect for someone who wants a little bit of romantic design without going too ornate. The carved ornamentation of a pair circular swirls at the middle tapering off into leaf-like designs are only located at the top and bottom of the frame. The inner and outer edges are the same height and feature rounded corners. The middle has a semi-circular shape. The frame is quite slim at 1-7/8 inch.
12th Nov 2016 Eric Morgan

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