Five Creative Ways to Use Picture Frames

We all love looking at our photographs. Having a variety of these memories around your space can drum up those warm and fuzzy feelings that make a house a home. However, with the variety of styles and colors in which pictures frames can be found, there are several more unique ways to repurpose your favorite frames and seek out new ones for special projects.

Frames can be as versatile as they are beautiful, and while they are often used to highlight our favorite items of decor, they can often become more purposeful with just a few tools. Explore these ideas, and let your imagination run wild, and you’ll soon be digging up every frame you can find in the house.

Do-It-Yourself key holder. Keys have been an essential part of life for hundreds of years. They keep our homes secure, our cars running us from place to place and our secrets safe from prying eyes. However, their small nature makes them one of the most lost items on a daily basis and being late to work each day is making nobody happy. Take your favorite wooden frame, and paint it to match the color of your kitchen or entryway. Add a few neatly lined screw hooks to the top, and you have a fabulous key holder that will keep you organized, and on time.

A remote control tray for the TV room. If you have a medium rectangular frame that you are just not sure what to do with, removing the glass and adding a different, more solid backing can turn it into a very convenient small tray to keep on your favorite coffee table. Keep your remotes here to make sure you never miss your favorite show or a jar of little candies to treat yourself and your guests.

Floating wall candle display. To add a little drama to your decor, try taking three antique frames and gluing small matching votives to the middle of the glass. Hanging them will make your candles have the effect of floating, and add some much needed mood lighting to movie night.

A charming mail holder. If your counter space is being taken over by bills or junk mail that you just haven’t had the time to sort yet, you can make a mail holder out of two frames that keeps your counters clear. Simply add small screw hooks to the middle of the side of a larger frame, and attached the smaller frame with a chain to let it hang open. Glue the bottom of the small frame to secure the mail.

Hand-made fabric headboard. If you have a large piece of art that is just not speaking to you anymore, remove that eyesore and use the large frame to make a beautiful headboard for your bedroom. With a trip to the fabric store for some material, filler and buttons, you and your staple gun can make a covered tuft headboard to make your bedroom go from drab to shabby chic. 

9th Aug 2017 Eric Morgan

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