Five Different Picture Frame Tree Toppers

Placing the tree topper at the top of the Christmas tree is often a beloved family tradition held by many families across the world. Whether you have something that has been passed down for generations or like to choose a different one each year, the topper is the final touch to signify the beginning of the festive season.

With families now decorating several trees throughout their homes, there may not be enough of the traditional tree toppers to go around. If you are looking for something unique and personal to place at the top of your tree, look no further than these beautiful picture frame tree topper ideas.

A hanging frame for each side. When you decorate your tree, you want to be able to admire it from all angles. For a tree topper that really wows, use a festive ribbon to connect four identical gold picture frames and place a personal photo in each one. Tie the ribbon to the top of your tree, and have the frames hang with one on each side. This is a simple way to use existing frames you may have in a new and special way.

Tie a silhouette photo with a simple red ribbon. Silhouette photos make for an antique look and are usually featured in simple oval frames. If you want to make your own silhouette photo, take a photo of your subject’s profile against a white background like a wall, and use black cardstock to trace the silhouette. Then frame it against a light mat, and place it in your frame. Then hang with a simple cranberry ribbon to make for a Victorian look.

Make a character star for a kids tree. If you have a special tree just for a child, use a star-shaped photo frame, or make one of your own using craft supplies like popsicle sticks, paint, glitter or glue, and add a picture of their favorite cartoon character to make for a specialized tree. You can even make the entire tree themed with the character by using color schemes and ornaments that match the tree topper.

Use a photobox to make a photo present tree topper. Photobox frames make for ideal tree toppers because of their unique design. Four frames are connected by hinges that can be displayed in a row, or in a box shape. If you want to make yours particularly special, use some paint or some craft washi tape to decorate your frame like a wrapped gift. After adding your decoration and special photos, add a ribbon to the top for the perfect present look, and place it over the top of your tree.

Make a framed monogram. Turn an ordinary silver picture frame into a stunning monogram by spray painting a wooden letter from any craft store to match, and adding a nail to the top of the frame in which to hang with ribbon. Once the letter is centered, add a ribbon to the back of the frame to hang delicately from the tree top to make sure all of your guests know your pride in your family name. 

15th Dec 2017 Eric Morgan

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