Five Harvest Decorations To Make You Thankful

There’s a chill in the air, and everyone around is making their plans for the upcoming holidays. If you’re planning to host your own get together this year with your closest friends and family, creating a cozy atmosphere is as important to the party as the delicious dishes served.

Adding a touch of cinnamon and spice will make everything nice, but it’s not enough to create the party you’ve been dreaming of hosting. See below for some amazing decorating tips on how to turn your home into an Autumn wonderland your guests will all be thankful for.

Indoor Floating Wreath. Gold picture frames are gorgeous on their own, but adding a beautiful fall wreath to the front can take it up a notch or two. A DIY wreath is an easy task to complete, with just a few materials from a craft store. A premade twig wreath decorated with fall leaves in shades of yellow, brown and red will make your gold frame pop with color. Add a few pears or gourds, and you’ll get an array of compliments.

A table cornucopia. Nothing speaks of an abundant harvest like a centerpiece made from a beautiful cornucopia filled with fruits and vegetables. Tie a gorgeous red ribbon around the end to make it look even more elegant, or spread some foil fall cutouts around the table to add a little bit of sparkle. Fake food or real, this centerpiece will wow your guests during dinner.

Ornate Oval Framed Mirrors. Mirrors are some of the most decorative pieces of art in your home that can also serve a function. They can open up a room, reflect light, and of course, give you the chance to give yourself a once over before guests arrive. Hanging a beautiful antique picture frame in the foyer will serve as a conversation piece as soon as your guests arrive.

Gold candle sconces. Candle lighting is not only the most flattering but can make your guests feel welcome and help them ease into the conversation. If you want to make sure you can get a soft glow without worrying about fire hazards or small hands, wall sconces are a great way to get the candles burning out of reach from your guests. Fancy cutouts in the sconce will also create beautiful shadow patterns on your wall, pulling double duty for your decor.

Mason jars. If you want more of a shabby chic vibe for your party, mason jars can be used in several ways. This inexpensive item can be painted for a rustic vase of fall flowers, or used to separate silverware on the table. Or cover them in gold glitter, and add some tea candles for a walkway lighting that will make it look like your guests are heading into a fairy tale cottage. 

24th Nov 2017 Eric Morgan

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