Five Objects to Never Neglect in Spring Cleaning

The urge to clean the entire house strikes as the bright sun shines down upon the mountains of dust and neglected floors as the weather starts to become warmer. It's the time of year to pull your hair back, push your sleeves up and get to work degunking your home.

There are always the obvious lists of things to do when spring cleaning, such as dusting, mopping or changing the linens, but there are several more items in your home that may be forgotten during this time. See below for five objects you should include in your project list, this year and every year after.

Your household frames. Vintage picture frames, especially those with convex glass, can often be made of sensitive materials that will collect dust and dirt over time. This not only leaves noticeable grime but can compromise the integrity of the frame itself. If you are dealing with a wooden frame, first use a small of amount of water and a rag or cotton swab for smaller areas, then be sure to cover the wood with a protective oil to keep the moisture of the season from seeping in or out.

The utensil drawer. Every house has utensil storage somewhere, and it may be filled with several objects that are either never used or have one too many. It's undoubtedly wise to keep a set of measuring cups, but you don't need two or three complete sets, even if they were gifts. Throw those unwanted items in a box and donate them to somewhere that could use them, like a soup kitchen or shelter.

Your electronics. Dust gathering within your electronics can not only be unsightly to see but can also serve as a dangerous fire hazard. Pay particular attention to those objects that are left plugged in year round, or that may collect more dust than others. Have a professional come out to clean your dryer vent once a year as well to prevent lint fires that could cause severe hardship and damage to your home.

The baseboards throughout the home. These decorational accents that separate your walls from your floors are often neglected when cleaning one or the other. Taking a cleaning cloth and natural vinegar and water solution to your baseboards can make a world of difference in how clean your home looks and feels to your family or guests.

The junk drawer. You know the one. The one with all of the broken pens, old greeting cards and saved letters. Take the time to purge it by throwing away all of the things that are non-functioning or non-essential, and storing the stuff you want to keep in a designated treasure box in the basement or attic. You'll no longer need to fight to open up that overfilled space, and will be pleasantly surprised when it's organized and easy to find what you're really looking for.

25th Feb 2018 Eric Morgan

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