Five Things to Frame to Get Your Home Hot Weather Ready

Every year when the temperature starts to rise, it feels like a new beginning after a dark and frigid winter. When deciding it’s time to change out your winter wardrobe, break out the summer stemware and shed those heavy drapes, it may be time to update your decor to reflect the season as well.

If you are looking for great tips on what exactly you can put on your walls to make it your personal oasis, see below for some ideas on what to frame around the home.

Jewelry. One of the most popular summer looks is pieces of golds and aquamarine stones. If you come across some inexpensive costume jewelry that may be a little too much for your personal tastes, try hanging it as part of your decor instead. You can frame it within your favorite white linen antique picture frame, or use some hooks to hang it freely on your wall. Whatever you choose, hang it high enough to keep away from little hands that might be fascinated by the shiny new wall pieces.

Travel memorabilia. Summer vacations may have taken a back seat, or maybe you’re still stamping that passport, but one thing that you likely have if you are a seasoned traveler is some memorabilia that is frame-worthy. Maps, postcards and foreign money can all make for some colorful and interesting pieces that will take you back to those lovely destinations.

Seashells from the seashore. The best things in life are free, and this principle can definitely apply to your summer decor. Shells come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and are easy to find when combing your favorite summer beach. Use something like a shadowbox to display them in all of their glory, or try a gold picture frame with the glass removed in a gallery wall to display several at the same time while keeping with a theme.

Dried flowers. Dried, pressed flowers can make for a gorgeous framed object in any room of the house. To really emphasize the season, stick with traditional summer blooms that come in a variety of colors such as hydrangeas or choose clean white magnolias. The gorgeous big flowers mean you won’t need many to fill up a frame so that you can select the best ones sparingly.

A constellation map. If camping is a part of your fondest memories, then you’ll love to see the cluster of bright stars you once lay under, mapped out for you to gaze upon whenever you are home. The best part of this decor is that it can come in handy at home or on the road, as you simply take it out of the frame and roll it up to take it with you. Point out the stars to the next generation, and be sure to educate them on their meaning and why it is special to you.

11th Jun 2018 Eric Morgan

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