Five Valentine Gifts That They Will Surely Love

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to show your friends, family and romantic partners how much you love them with a personalized gift that you chose just for them. There are so many gifts that can range from expensive technology to DIY projects that only cost a little but mean a lot.

If you are looking for a unique Valentine's gift this year, see below for some great ideas to show the love.

Create a surprise gallery wall. Work as a team for this one to get the recipient out of their home for a bit and create or totally redo their gallery wall in their favorite space in the home. Be sure to study their decor before choosing your photos and frames, and choose gold picture frames for warm tones or silver for cooler tones. Also, pay attention to if the frames need to be more modern or if antique picture frames will work better.

Personalize a set of glasses. Etching cream is an easy way to make beautiful frosted designs on any type of glass. Simply purchase your glassware or plaque, and follow any number of the easy online tutorials to etch your own special message or initials within just a day or two. This quick and easy craft is elegant and can last for years.

Chocolate holders for the kids. For a cute and delicious treat, try cutting out some construction paper figures of animals with outreached arms. After decorating with glitter, paint and googly eyes, fold the animal arms over a piece of heart-shaped chocolate to give out at your Valentine's party or to the class at school.

DIY Hand Warmers. With the polar vortex making this one of the longest and chilliest winters on record, help to keep your family and friends digits cozy in their pockets with homemade hand warmers. Simply take some felt material and cut out whatever shape you would want (for this holiday a heart is a great idea!). After cutting out your pieces, sew one side up, fill with dry rice and sew up the rest. Include instructions to microwave your pouches for 20-30 seconds and stick them in your pockets for a cozy and cute warmer!

Make a bouquet that stands the test of time. Instead of real flowers that are fleeting, make a gorgeous bouquet of any bloom in any color with tissue paper. Choose several colors or stick to one color family, and make large blooms or a mix of big and small. This beautiful bouquet will last all year long, and bring a smile to its recipient’s face every time they see them. 

4th Feb 2019 Eric Morgan

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