Five Ways to Spice Up Your Mirrors

Mirrors play an important part of any home decor, but just placing a simple one here and there can feel boring, and understated. Fortunately, there are several ways to make your mirrors stand out.

From incorporating color to picking mirror shape and sizes, follow these simple tips to make your pieces not only reflect images, but also your personality and style.

Reframe with color. Take off that mere metal frame, and add on something like a teal or a bold red. Make sure to compliment the colors of the room you are placing it in, but also be sure to make it stand out. If you are the DIY type, take an antique frame that you love, and paint it your favorite color to use as the frame. A distressed white can also add a very charming look to a feminine room.

Make a mosaic out of cut glass pieces. Taking shards of similarly colored glass pieces will create a glamorous look of chaos turned into order. If you want to recreate a subtle picture that can only be admired from afar, use different colors to represent small areas of the image. You can use the glass to make a large image all its own, or use it to create a framing effect on your bedroom mirror.

Take everyday objects to create the extraordinary. Seashells glued to your mirror frame make a perfect beachy vibe for your summer home or decor, and artificial roses add a touch of nature to a rustic room or cabin. Anything small can be used for this purpose. Rocks, crystals or gems are also great tools to use when redecorating your frame.

Have an image cut right into the glass. Etching delicate dandelions right into the glass of an oval framed mirror will add a beautiful and peaceful touch to your nursery or sunroom. If you want to preserve the memories of loved ones, a profile silhouette etched into the glass will keep them ageless for generations to come.

Add some pizzazz to your circular mirrors by turning them into sunbursts. Match your metals by taking silver or gold pieces of straight metals to create a sunburst effect when glued around your circular frame. If you want to really wow, mix your metals and also add smaller mirrors glued to the outer pieces to reflect more light. If your mirrors are on the small side, hang several in a group together on a larger empty space, or take the largest one you have to make a statement piece. 

10th Oct 2017 Eric Morgan

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