Five Ways To Use an Acrylic Dome Frame

Photographs and framed art is a beautiful way to decorate your walls at home, but how do you incorporate your more three-dimensional pieces? A regular rectangle frame will not properly display your treasured collector’s items, and you don’t want them hiding in a glass display that gets dusty easily.

See below for five different ways you can incorporate an acrylic dome frame into your decor with different objects you have collected over the years.

Keep important flowers. Floral arrangements are a big part of most important events and can cost a pretty penny as well. If you want to keep a few of those delicate flowers for your memories, try drying them to preserve them and then displaying them in their original arrangement in a dome frame.

Make a precious keepsake for a new mother. Hospital bracelets, their first hat and a photograph of their first days in this world are all great ideas of memories your friend or family member will want to remember forever. Arrange these precious first possessions on a background with their birth information, or a special date and place it in the frame for the little one’s nursery room.

Display your collection hobby. If you are an avid fan of the smaller collectors items, like vintage car models, antique coins or even insects, displaying them in a dome frame will help you not only to keep them safe, but will show off their every detail while hanging them on a hobby wall, or laying them flat on a collector’s shelf. You’ll be able to capture a 360 viewpoint to show off your favorite pieces.

Use a christening dress or antique gown as a nursery decoration. Using a dome frame to display a special gown can add an elegant touch to any nursery wall while showing how important the object is to your family. It could represent a special day in your life, or even a remind you of a family member from long ago that you admired.

Display that rare sports memorabilia. Signed baseballs, hats and other small sports objects make ideal subjects for a dome frame. They can be tricky to display in a cohesive picture, especially if you want to add photographs from the big game along with your keepsakes. A dome frame will allow you to keep the objects all together in one art piece, so you can really give your guests a sense of how important the event was to you. 

10th Nov 2017 Eric Morgan

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