Five Ways to Use Frames in Your Wedding Day

Weddings can be a reflection of the couple on the big day, but not all budgets are created equal. Some couples not only choose to get more creative with their decorations, but it can sometimes become a necessity when a couple is trying to focus the budget on more important things.

The great news is that picture frames can be incredibly versatile when using them for a wedding reception. For some great ideas on how to use your favorite frames for your big day, see below.

Use a large antique frame for your wedding photos. If you want some cute photos that really “frame” your love, trying holding them up while you and your partner share a kiss, or have your wedding party have some fun with them as well. Props put people at ease, so it’s a great idea to have something for you to have in your hands while you are capturing those more candid moments.

Use white-washed distressed oval frames to decorate the reception tables. If you had some bridal portraits done, or just have some favorite photos from throughout your relationship, have those moments serve as a reminder of how important you are to each other and to your guests. Keep the photos black and white to add a touch of elegance and understated class.

Use frames to display everything from seating charts to drink menus. Have a charming seating chart printed up with a cool design to show exactly where your guests will be seated, and then frame it beautifully to have it blend in with the elegant decor. Or, take a smaller frame to display the drink menu at the bar, so your guests aren’t left wondering what is or isn’t offered. You can also use smaller frames to show detailed lists of the food menu if you are serving a buffet, in case there are any special dietary needs.

Fill frames with flowers as a way to hang them anywhere. If you are looking for a solution on how to hang your flowers around the venue in any place you want, a frame is a great way to easily and gorgeously display them. Wrap your flowers like a garland around a silver picture frame, or simply gather some in the bottom of a wooden oval frame for a more rustic look. Then hang them on a nail or a ribbon attached like a wreath anywhere you desire.

Make a vintage chairback. Using yours or your partner’s silhouette picture, hang a small oval frame from a velvet ribbon on the back of each chair to add a stunning touch that will be noticed immediately. Not only will the photos of this look great in your album, but they can be given as favors to certain family or close friends. 

1st May 2018 Eric Morgan

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